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Monday, April 21, 2008

I received an awesome email from a friend. So, I post up to share with my beloved friends.


:: Brazil ::

:: Chicago ::

:: Cleveland ::

:: Cologne Cathedral ::

:: Copenhagen ::

:: Denver ::

:: Las Vegas ::

:: London ::

:: Los Angeles ::

:: Moscow ::

:: Niagara Falls ::

:: Oakland ::

:: Paris ::

:: Petersburg ::

:: Toronto ::

:: Singapore ::

:: Vienna ::

:: Washington ::

:: Kuala Lumpur ::

Oppssssss.... S.O.R.R.Y!!!!
Nothing to see. TNB cut off power supply...

LOL. Awesome and amazing photos right?
I wish to buy a DSLR when I work in society.
Then, I can capture lotsa nice and quality photos.

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  1. kakaka~this post is 讽刺-ing TNB @_@?

  2. sai ling, erm.... I think not so la... Just a little joke beside sharing nice photos ;p

  3. hahaha, Malaysia is none!!! Out of the world... good good good....

    I like Paris, Oakland, Niagara Falls, and Los Angeles... hehe... wish someday I could be there...

    Yeah, I wan a DSLR also...

  4. akira, everyone wanna own a DSLR!! Hahaaaa... Next time we can see many people holding a DSLR on the street.

  5. yeah, I wanna aim Canon 450D as my next target... hehe... waiting for the price to drop 1st... haha...

    Next time when we go out, surely a gang will have one person use DSLR... haha...

  6. akira, haha.... yalo.. But i think i'll buy a semipro 1st... I scare I can't handle well with DSLR!!! hehehee

  7. wow those are really beautiful photos... :)


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