Monday, April 21, 2008

Beverly's Secret reach 20K visitors within four months.

Don't you know who is Beverly's Secret? Oh! It's ok! It is always never too late to know. She is a friendly, pretty and nice girl from Malaysia who always share her life in US through her blog. She have a great personality too. Her very simple intention to have a blog is just to share her daily life in US with her families and friends in Malaysia but her post will never be tedious. Don't believe me? Go check it out yourself ya!

Meal of the Day

***Japanese Style Stone Rice***

***Double Cheese Seafood Rice***

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  1. Hahaha...
    Thank for your sweet intention..

    But honestly, you don't need to promo me further by coping my sentences and phrases...

    People will like you as the way you are~~ Keep going real...

  2. AW Surveys is a scam.

    Search on google " AW Survey scam", you will find lots of forums posting about AW Surveys scam.

    However, its your choice to choose...

  3. beverly, Oppssss... I dun mean so.. Sry ya~ (^___^)

  4. Wow, u are promoting Beverly... She will be very happy then... hehe...

    The Japanese Style Stone Rice, owh, from Kimgary rite? hehe... I like it too...

  5. akira, yeah! from kim gary! Kim gary got lotsa nice foodssss.. ^^

  6. Yup, Penang only got one Kimgary restaurant lor... hehe... Ya, the food and drink are nice!!! Delicious neh!!!

  7. wakaka~why suddenly advertise for beverly?
    i visit her blog always..keke..
    the food looks delicious^^

  8. wow..beverly seems is your favorite..hehheh....

    nice lunch you have...i only got zap fan today....cant compare..hahha

  9. akira, yeah! u're rite~ I love their "ying yong" tea..

    sai ling, not advertise Beverly but share a good blog to everyone. ^^

    choy yin, Haha~ That one is not my lunch for dat day but is last weekend went out with my bf, that's our lunch lo~ Kekeeeee ;p

  10. oo....
    hey ..heard that east coast mall kuantan gotta open kim gary also ler....happy desu ne...

  11. Izit? haha~ actually I'm waiting for east cost mall to open leh~ Sure very grand 1, huh? hehehee...

  12. Yeah, give me 5! I love the yuan yang tea also!


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