First time for Sakae Sushi

Monday, April 07, 2008

He is a humorous guy.
He is my lovely brother in Christ - Ben.

Last Saturday, I had a great dinner with him at Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid. It was my first time went to Sakae Sushi. I heard from my friends that Sakae Sushi is even better than Sushi King. Hm.... My opinion ar?!!?? I think the sushi at sushi king is more yummy and for Sakae Sushi, I like their tempura, kim chi soup, and beef (except sushi). So, each of them have their own uniqueness. Different people different taste and opinion.

***Interior of Sakae Sushi***
Simple yet nice and comfortable with the lighting.


First, I came out with marinate ginger. I love to eat ginger. Sometimes I'll add some ginger in my dishes when I cook.

***I love to eat ginger***
Have a try if you didn't eat before.

***Kinds of Inari***
Potato Inari is special and delicious.

Me and Ben are Inari lovers.
That's why we order different kinds of Inari.

***Kim Chi Soup***
It was my first time try this dishes too.
Taste still not bad but the soup is salty.

My favorite. Hm..... In my opinion, tempura at Sakae Sushi is better than Sushi King.

***Beef satay***
Overall, the taste not bad but the meat is tough.
Ben said he purposely order this for me because I love to eat beef.
Thanks Ben.

Seem like I am a "mouthpiece" (代言人) of Sakae Sushi. (of cause is giving good comment of Sakae Sushi la)

Well, we had a great night. Chit chatting around and I keep on kidding with Ben.

Ben says I look cute in this picture.

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  1. both of you look adorable...
    stay happy always!!

  2. I love to go Sakae Sushi, and I think it is better and cheaper than Sushi King lor... hehe...

  3. Beverly: thx ya~ ^^ u're rite.. u're the one who always give 1st comment~ *winks*

    akira:ahha... dat's wat i said lo~ diff people diff opinion... sakae sushi cheaper? i duno wor... coz not i paid for the meal... wahahaaaaaaa ;p

  4. yeah u both look good... i think sakae sushi is kinda good..i like he idea of ordering using a PC! quite cool eh?
    anyway, thanks for dropping by ;)

  5. chee wei, yeah!!! it is easier and faster... ohya, there r description on each dishes too~ love it!!!! ^^

  6. wow... u all try all the inari wor... i dint try sakae sushi before..i just know we order from the menu is in tough screen...hehe
    and the decoration is nice..i love the lighting~~

  7. Choy yin, no ar... i didn't try all, juz few only.. wahhaaaa....

  8. icic...erm,got chance i wanna try oso..where is it?mid valley?wan U?times square?XD

  9. hahaha, another reason I like to go there is, I can order the sushi or anything for the computer... hehe... easy and convenient...

  10. Kiki, erm.... Sunway Pyramid, The Curve (at the street) there oso have sakae sushi~ Other than that i duno~ Go n have a try ya~

    Akira, yaya~ easy and convenient.. When wanna come kl? I treat u sakae sushi la~ hahahaaaaa ;D

  11. i nvr try sakae sushi b4 ler...>.<
    will expensive ma?

  12. sai ling, erm... i think overall still ok ar~ Not bad and worth it!

    kiki, wanna tell you that today only I knew that Bangsar Village II have Sakae Sushi.. I think is newly open!

  13. lolz... you're not cute.... but you're VERY CUTE!!! i always love Sakae... although the choice is less than Sushi... but i always feel that Sakae's sushi are fresher compared to Sushi.....

  14. ai shea... hehe... So many bloggers are waiting for me to go KL neh... hehe... I should organise a gathering among my blog's friends neh... hehe...

    Well, I will inform u if I plan to go KL ya...

  15. Tessa, hahahaaaa~ thx for the "VERY CUTE"... ya, sakae less choices...

    Akira, Ya! i think u should plan a gathering!!! hahahaaa ;D

  16. hahahaha.... hopefully can gather the bloggers in KL lar... hehe... thanks for ur invitation to KL ya...

  17. wow.... you got try quite a lot...still not finish try all the inari ar.. wow...sakae got quite a lot choice wor..

  18. akira, haha~ no thx, juz treat me delicacy when i go to penang! Hahaa...

    choy yin, haha... ya, notyet try finish... dat day oso cant finish it.... i "da bao" back... heheee ^^

  19. No problem!!! So when u wan come to Penang???

  20. i just went to Sakae yesterday... btw, if you come to Penang... let me know ya...

  21. So, how was it? Huh? Wanna treat me? haha~~ ^^


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