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Friday, April 11, 2008

Yes! I'm hired! but S.T.O.P!! It is too early to congrats me now. I don't think I'll accept their offer because the salary is too low. It is not enough to survive in KL. Beside that, I don't love the working environment. It is located at industrial area. I can't even see a female when I looking for the company. All are men and foreign workers. The company environment is not as good as I thought.

Secondly, I'm hired by another company on the same day. Yeah! You can congrats me now. It is freelance. I'll get the task once the company have new job. It is a beauty company. I responsible to design leaflet, box packaging and advertising in newspaper or magazine. The payment not bad too.

Anyway, I still finding job. Morning, I had receive a call for an interview on coming week. Wish me luck ya.


My bf brought me to Delicious which located at Bangsar Village II. I think most of us already know about Delicious since many blogger blog about this before. Hm... Yummy foods is waiting for me.

***Interior Design***

***Ice Lemongrass Tea***
It was my first time try this drink. Taste not bad.

***Pineapple Mojito***
It is cocktail. I love the taste compare with Ice Lemongrass Tea.

***Mushroom Mascarpone***
Spaghetti which full with 3 kinds of mushroom. If you are a mushroom lover, then you can have a try. I don't really like this dishes because the taste of the spaghetti is too plain and is not pleasant to the taste. For me, it is not worth.


I'm sure this is everyone's favorite.

It is different from tiramisu cake. I just can't describe how it pleasant to the taste. So, just go to Delicious and order it.

Lastly, I got this FREE Chips from them.


I miss my cousin brother.
He is so cute!!

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  1. only having speggeti?
    dint order others?
    is a western food restaurant o....

  2. A meal for two? Really work hard on your diet plan...

    Congratulations for your new job~~

  3. Choy yin & Beverly, We didn't order much because that time is dy 4pm. But I didn't take my dinner after that. Heheeee~ ^^ Next time, I'll go there to try another dishes..

    Thx Beverly for ur wishies. ;p

  4. Congratulations of being hired ya~~~ ^^

    1st time i heard about Delicious, because I"m not KL ppl mar... hehe... nice food there... hmm, as I read thru, the price is quite expensive ler...

  5. congrats on the job girl... yummy food... looks delicious... will try it when i go KL next time...

  6. akira, thx ya~ :D I also not local.. But stay at here almost 3 yrs dy~ So, will know about it lo~ Btw, I saw from lotsa blogger blog bout it before.. Erm... ya~ quite pricey but once in a blue moon ma~ Wahahahaha... and some more, got ppl treat me ma~

    Tessa, thx girl~ Yeah! if you come kl do let me know also ya~ *winks*

  7. yer..u made me wanna go KL desperately...where is it??i might goin KL on 19th..keke..

  8. oic, haha, if really delicious, I don mind to pay quite some also... hehe... haev to eat hou liao for once in a blue moon mar...

  9. Kiki, Come la! ^^ It is located at Bangsar Village 2. Enjoy ur days at KL ya~

    Akira, erm... the spaghetti I tried is OK Ok only~ but the tiramisu is delicious~ And the cocktail not bad too~ *thumb up* Yaya~ muz treat urself good once in a blue moon~ ^^

  10. yup, totally agreed!!! hehe... then later u will see more photos bout delicious fodd in my blog d...

  11. akira.. wahahaaa.... dun make me fat enuf dy~ ^^

  12. aiks everyone talking about food...am i at the right place to say congrats...hehehe, and good luck for the upcoming interview too...
    buoy talk about salary and expenses mismatch in KL...we are all in the same boat...(i bet many others too)


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