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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Another Happy Friday?
At least I won't feel tension and stress with my final project.
Beside that, Kiki's silly looks brighten up my day.
Happiness pour upon my face.

Baby milo is following me for job and food hunting.

There is a career fair at Mid Valley. I went there with my beloved ji mui- pg. GREAT!! We seldom have the chance to meet although she just stay at Sg.Long.

Everyone is hunt for job.
*MU MU Glory - my bf is one of their fan.*

Hunt! Hunt! Hunt!

All these are the company that want to recruit and positions available.
Just take piece of the paper if you are interesting in that position. *Easy as for your reference and make appointment.*
Eishhhhhhhh.... I couldn't even found one job that suite me.
I am not fussy. Just that there is no design position available here.

Me and pg had look at all the booth.
She was looking for administration position. Of cause, it is easier for her as many company recruit this position.

Me? I had just fill up and submit my resume to 3 company.
Beside that, I also looking for master in design course.

Most of the position available are engineering, admin, marketing etc.

This are the broaches I get from career fair. Job is everywhere as long as we don't be so choosy.


After that, we went for our candle light dinner at Milwaukee Steak Corner which located at Balakong. Pg brought me there. She says the foods is yummy and delicious. It is my first time went there.

***Milwaukee Steak Corner***
From the outlook seem not bad huh?

Frankly, I didn't hunt for yummy foods for some times already and here I came back with Milwaukee. Here are the foods we had ordered.

***Garlic mushroom soup***

***It is my all time favorite***

***Duck*** Sorry, I forgot the name of this dishes.


***Specialty Fish***

Highly recommend this dishes. It is super duper yummy with cheese on top of the fish. If I not mistaken, the fish is marinate with a special sauce. YUMMY!!!!!


I am a crab lover.
Is is yummy!!!! Top of the crab is cheese and inside the crab is crab meat with mayonnaise. *Sinful food*

***Sour Drink***

After few days burn mid night oil and I was so hardworking on diet plan. Is time to reward myself.

It was her second time came here. She love the foods at there.

What bliss!!!! A great day with delicious foods.

Ohya... almost forget this >>> GUESS how much is this meal cost?


Ta......... da...........


Yes!!! It is only RM30.70.
Erm.... Actually did you realize something wrong on the bill??

OK! Story here.

We asked for bill then the waitress told us is RM30.70. After paid, I ask pg how come so cheap. Me n her main dishes already cost RM38.00. Then we checked the bill when we inside the car. Ohmy!!!! The waitress only count one of our main dishes - RM18.90 and the sour drink she count wrongly too (it is only RM5 but it shown RM9). In the bill, they did insert the code but don't know why the price it only show RM0.00. Hm..... They already rugi a lot. Suppose our meal cost around RM70 and now they already rugi RM40. Of cause we are happy.


I bought a card at Mid Valley. It is very special and nice so I decided to bought it.

Yeah!! It is Mother's day card.
Oppsss...... NO!!! It is actually a certificate for beloved mummy for being the best mummy.

Then, the girl approaches me with their membership card which cost only RM10 per year. I got 10% discount on all the card I bought and 5% on their items.

***Memory Lane Membership Card***
I love the design. Very cute right?

..... and this is the free gift I get - Memory Lane pencil case.

-Happy weekends-

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  1. the crab with cheese looks yummy!!! just like the crab in kamaman... but this is with CHEESE!!!!
    love it!!!!!!

  2. oh...i went there to eat before too...but i think it's just so so...maybe i m next aim...Victoria Station...!!!

  3. choy yin, ya~ at 1st,I told pg that Kemaman crab is nicer lo~ but after few "bites" than i realize this crab is tasty too~ different taste different "yumminess" lo~ wahahaaa

    ks, erm.... not bad ar... especially the fish~ hehe~~~ Victoria station? where? I wanna go too~ heheee

  4. when u come bac then i bring u there... ok? at Balakong only~

  5. Victoria Station.....1 in Ampang another in Bangsar....famous with their western cuisine.... >.< i wanna go~~~

  6. ok, i'll go n try it ~ ^^ thx ya~

  7. I want to go there, so cheap ler, hahaha, careless cashier...

  8. hahaaaa~ go go go!!!!! ale ale ale!!!! heheeeee


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