Lovely giraffe

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I received a lovely gift from my house mate. Last weekend she went to Pangkor Island - company trip. The gift is so cute and colorful. Enjoy it!!!


Ok! I know it is a lame story. Sorry lo~~ Isn't the giraffe looks cute with the colorful color? It is beside me now. Heheee~ What I wanna tell through the story above is I can control the pose of the giraffe. There is a "push-up" button at the bottom of the giraffe as you can see it in my photo. Another lovely stuff on my table. \(^.^)/

UPDATE a little bit:
Ok! FYP again. Today, I went to class. Most of my course mate claim that they are very tension because still left 1 more month for the final presentation. Frankly, I still have a lot works to do too but I didn't feel nervous or tension. I thank God for the peaceful He gave me. Amen.

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  1. hey...the giraffe is too cute~~i love colorful things..hehhe...

    work hard fer yer FYP lo...

  2. Beverly: ^^

    choy yin: thx ya~ gambateh to u too~

  3. The giraffe is cute!!! I have one of this also... hehe... When press it, it will fall down, haha...

  4. nice story...haha...keep it up...who knows u will b script writer in the future...writing love stories between animals... -.-

    anyway...add oil to ur FYP...i almost done mine... :p

  5. akira: yaya~

    ks: hehe~ i'm not talented la~~ but huh... many of my frens said i'm very "geng" in create a story lo~~~ wahahaaaaa~~~~~

    Wah!!! so fast geh?? k la~ gambateh too ^^

  6. Hahahahaha...cute storyline!!! :)


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