Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Yesterday, I was chatting with my dear on msn.
....and here is our conversation.

He ask me:"Where are you?"

I answer:"Heaven."

He ask me again:"Got angel?"

Then, I draw an angel show him.

He said very ugly wor.

Then he draw an angel. Wahahaaa...
He draw SinChan angel.
Oh Yeah! He is SinChan comic lover.

Then he draw this--tusiji.
Look alike? Yeah! Give some credit to him.

The time we chat is already mid night, around 3am.
I was get bored doing my fyp, then he appear.
He light up my "bor-ing" mood.


Last few days, I realize that there are 21 readers reading my blog. I was so surprise and of cause I feel happy. Thanks to all my loyal readers and visitors.


Yummy foods is waiting for you again!!
Stay tuned.

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  1. Not bad, the drawing.. ^^

    Ya, I miss my school frez too.
    Especially, the primary course mate.
    Just fews of them, still contact with me. :'(

  2. haha, really funny lar... I seldom do that also, always typing only... hahaha...

    maybe wan to draw smthg to my dear... hehe...

  3. Seems like all bloggers are inspired by my Post Note style, pre-announcing their next blog content...


    good try good try >.<

  4. jchan, heheeee~ thx thx...

    Akira, yeah! Have fun when chatting with ur girl~ ^^

    Beverly, Haha~ last time i oso got pre-announcing my next blog content but seldom~ Hehee... coz there r too many pending post ^^

  5. u both can draw well using mouse oh....sai lei.... -.-

  6. i wanna draw a angel for you too..hahha

  7. ks, haha~~ my drawing using mouse stil ok ok only~ heheee ^^

    choy yin, ok, draw for me when u free ya~ i want a pretty angel~ hehe...;p

  8. hi hi yvonne
    hehe, that's so cute (ur msn chat)
    buoy sorry I'm really an idiot with computer but how could I draw with my MSN (need to upgrade version)
    sorry stupid question ;PPP (sorry, old lady over here:PP)

    thanks and wish u a nice weekend

  9. kee kee, ya, i think u need to upgrade the version.


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