Song of Love

Friday, April 25, 2008

The song that testimony our love.
There are story and meaning behind in every song.

Our first song.
Who do you think of when you're lonely.
当你孤单你会想起谁. by Nicholas Teo

That time we are still friend.
One day, the radio is playing this song
and I was so silly
I ask you:"When you're alone, who do you will think of?"
You answer:"I'll think of you."
Haha... I'm happy.

Our second song.
不可思议. by Jin Sha 金莎

We are in courtship period.

One day, I was on the way back to KL from Kuantan alone by bus.
I was listening to mp3.
Then your call turn up.
You ask me to turn on radio - MyFM and said:"That's our song."

I though it is "Who do you think of when you're lonely (你孤单你会想起谁)".
But how come the music of the song is different?
Then you said:"It is our new song that belong to us."
The lyric is meaningful.

Our third song.
How did I Fall in Love with You. by Backstreet Boys

You trying to told me a message through this song.
Every single word mean to me.
I love this song, I love the music, I love the lyric.

Our forth song. (the latest one)
by Fei Lun Hai & Liu Li Yang (炎亚伦&刘力扬)

Tiamo is an Italian word which means I Love You.
You like this song very much. Me too.
The lyric simple yet meaningful.

I hope we will continue our love journey happily.

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  1. You are surrounded by many song..

    ps: yer banner is too cute~~

  2. Wow, full of love songs here... hehe... My theme songs are 你知道我爱你, I Do Cherish You 和 心有独钟...

  3. Choy yin, Hehe~ thx ya sweet gal...

    akira, Wow!! u oso got ur theme song huh?!!! 心有独钟 is nice!! ;p

  4. Of course got lar... hehe... Yup, love them very much... Recently added some... This I Swear, Waiting for you... hehe...

  5. akira.... hahhaaaa..... u got so many song~~~

  6. Akira 思胜 !! i saw ur name all around the world !! very famous liao!! wahahah~

    song song~ good good~ I got one song in my mind also.. "分手吧"sing by ANNA. lolz

  7. kyo, hahha~ Akira is friendly~ That's y u can saw his name all around the world...

  8. Haha, no lar, I just visited the blogs at my links there... Thanks for ur compliments...


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