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Monday, May 05, 2008

This will be random rojak post.

For the coming whole week is my assessment day. I am kinda nervous. Never nervous when I went for assessment all this while, maybe this is the final assessment. So, it is different. Today, I went to Jusco Cheras Selatan. Then, I bought few piece of formal shirt and skirt from Padini. There are value buy and discount.

2 Formal shirt (RM99 for 2), normal price RM99 per piece;
2 skirt (RM39 each), normal price RM79;
Ladies long pant / slack (RM99), normal price >>> sorry, I don't know!! Hehee...

Additional info: 20% discount for normal price item when you pay by HSBC credit card.

I didn't get the 20% discount because all the item I bought are value buy.

Tomorrow I will wear the new shirt and slack I bought.
Wish me luck and hope my experiment will success and go smooth.
God bless me and all my coursemate.


I bought a red wine.
Taste not bad o~
Feeling a little bit "warm" after drink.

I saw my friends in ifeel magazine.

She is my primary classmate.
She won in ifeel girl search and one of the contestant of Miss Astro.

Another friend of mine - Connie.
We studying in the same school since primary until secondary.

Last few days and weeks, I went to Starbucks with my dear. We having our revision and do our own work at there.

***Noir Cake***
This is specially dedicate to a friend of mine.
Purposely to make him envy me. LOL!!!

....with my drawing block.

We enjoy our time at Starbucks.
Part of our dating time. Hehee~

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  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. wow ~ !!
    nice shirt and the prices are not bad ~ anyway , wish you all the best ^^

  3. Wah, u shopped a lots huh? hahaha... good mar, that's life!!

    I love to go Starbucks too, and I love the Noir chocolate cake, it is simply delicious...

  4. wendybb, Hehee~ Thx for ur wishes~

    akira, lol~ Do I? Yeah!!! Life! Kekekeee~ ;p Starbucks? Hahaaa~ Next time when u come to kl, we go to Starbucks ya~

  5. haha, sure, no problem!!! Starbucks rocks!!!


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