Celebrate lo~

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Feel like wanna shout out!!!!

Because I already finish everything for my final year project.
Now, I only need to wait for assessment day!

Can't believe that I gonna graduate soon.
It seem like I just enter uni life.
Frankly, I don't really like and enjoy my uni life.
So, fast fast graduate better la..

Sorry friend for didn't update recently.
Anyway, I'll update asap.

Gonna celebrate lu...

Wish me luck and God bless for my assessment ya~ Ohya! Not forget my coursemate too.

p/s: It is 8.21am (Saturday), I didn't sleep for whole night. Later gonna submit my work and then come back sleep cukup cukup. Then later will go for movie and sing k with dearest friends.. Hehee... Don't envy me! Ok la. I know you won't!

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  1. Congratulations ya~~~ U are going to graduate soon...

    What are you studying there?

  2. nice to meet you ^.^
    congratulation u gonna graduate~
    wish you all the best =)

  3. congrate to u, and to me too! haha
    ya, time really flies in these 3 years...so fast...now i had started to miss it...

    anyway...good luck in ur future....

  4. akira, haha... thx ya~ I studying in Industrial Design..

    choy yin, yaya~ Hehe~ ;p

    wendybb, thx thx ;D

    ks, yeah! congrate to u n me~~~ Good luck in ur future too~ ^^ sama-sama rajin bekerja~ Heheeee~

  5. Oh, that's good!!! Keep it up ya~~~

  6. wah, me oso wan graduate bt now me juz enter uni.. so many pressure. haiz..


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