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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sometimes I do not know how should I start my post and sometimes I do not know what title should I put. I'll think over again and again. Write over again and again. Delete and delete again. Aiks.... Sien la~ That's why I'll take at least 1 hour for medium length post and 30 minutes for a short one. If there are many photos for that post, it ever worst! Haha~

Anyway, that's not my point for today's post. Monday and Tuesday passed. It means that I had already finish my assessment for both subject. Should I rejoice? YEAH HEY!!!! Ok, I did it! Hehe~ There is a joyous sense of freedom.

I get good comments from lecturers. They praise me for the good and great ideas. Well, both experiment I done on the spot were totally successful. You can't feel how joyful I am. I gonna take this opportunity to thanks Him. Ya! He is my beloved God. Thanks for the angel he had send to protect me, lead me all the way and be with me all the time. Give all the glory to benevolence GOD.

I pass through a tough period all this while and now I over come with it. Beside that, I gonna thanks to my friends. Firstly, my dearest bf. He was accompany me all this while. He didn't left me alone. I feel safe and glad that he is always by my side. He can't help me on my fyp but he did do something that always cheer me up. Thanks dear .

Next, thanks to Beverly again. I was always burned mid night oil lately. She is the only one who "accompany" me late at night. Haha... Thanks for the support and words you gave me. Ohya, not forget your precious time too.

Third, I gonna thanks to an "unknown" friend. Well, of cause I know who is him but I just like to name him as unknown. ^^ Thanks him for helping me on my fyp that something related with engineering.

Last but not least, thanks to my beloved daddy, mummy and sisters. Thanks for the financial support. I need to use lots of money for my fyp >>> A1 size color printing, hard cover binding, model making cost, petrol etc. Every time I have a good news, the 1st one I'll call up is my beloved family la. Thanks to sister who always using God's word to encourage me.

Immense gratitude to everyone I loved.

I gonna apologize for my pending post. I'm still busying for this whole week, gonna update not late by next week. Promise ya~ Anyway, here is some photos to share with my friends.

The delicious one at Kim Gary- Jusco, Bukit Tinggi.
It is enough for two if you are not a big appetite person.

***Mango CoConut Milky Lure***
If you are a mango lover sure you'll love it.

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  1. You are too kind, my dear...
    i really didn't do much though...
    it's the time zone...

    Cause while you were staying up late, I was just got up in the morning...

    Great that your final sem is over! Yay~~ Enjoy your life to the fullest...

  2. yes... all the best.. and i love that mango drink too but try the red bean it's nicer... hahaha

  3. Beverly, Haha~ It is still the same... As long as there is someone "Accompany" me late at nite~ Final is over, and my working life is getting near to me.. Seem scary... Can't enjoy student & study life dy~ ^^

    Uncle Josh, Red bean nice? OK, gonna try out next time and let u know ya~ Hehe~ ;p

  4. Wow, she is so nice, accompanied u all the while... hehe, congratz again...

    Wat, Kimgary again? wah, I din go to there long time d lor... haha...

  5. Hi, I am Desmond. I am leaving a comment here because I couldn't reach you by email.

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  6. get praise finally....congratulate lo.... u got what you pay for it... gambatee in yer working world now...

  7. akira, lol...thx.. as she said, the time zone... keke~ Anyhow, still gonna thx her for her precious time.. ;p Kim Gary again? Hahaaaa.... My bf is Kim Gary lover and this is 1 of his favorite place to dine in.. Faster come KL la~ We got many place wanna go together de leh~ Kekeee...

    d_luaz, Hi, thx for the invitation.. I'll contact u asap.. ^^

    choy yin, Thx thx thx.. Hehe ;p same to u too~ ALl the best sweety..

  8. hahaha... talking about going down to KL, maybe I will come on June, for friend's wedding dinner... so see how lar, din plan yet, because it falls on my exam period lor... hahaha...

    another date is August, definitely will come for my friend's convocation, that time will stay longer... hope can meet u that time lar... hehe ^^

  9. akira, hm.... so, hopefully u can make it ya~ ^^


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