I'm back!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Million and Billion sorry to my readers.

I'M BACK!!!!
No worries, I'm ok.

Hm.... many friend ask me when I gonna update my blog? Even vN "push" me to faster update my blog through msn. Haha.... This 2 weeks, I was so busy and I went back to Kuantan for the last whole week. I got many photos and story to share with you guys. When I wanna update my blog, I can't because I haven arrange my photos in order and edit.

Wonder how am I?

I'm fine!!! Here is the photo to prove it.

***FINE or not?!!?***

This photo was taken in office TODAY!!
Office? Yeah! I'm in working life now.

Working life?
So FAST???!!!!?????!?
Ok ok!!! I'm sure got many question marks in your head now. So, please always follow my update ya. ^^


Hm... Too many pending post and wonder which one I should start first? Ok, here I wanna show you something.

It is an offer letter.

In the previous post, I said I'm hired right? and after few days, I receive their offer letter. So, now I'm working in this company now. I gonna tell you more about my new job and office environment in next post, or maybe next next post, or next next next post. Lol!!

Today is my 3rd day working in this company. For this moment, I am happy and enjoy my working life in this company. Everyone is so friendly and nice.


End of last month I shift to another rental house with my two current house mate. That time, I was busying with my fyp. It really kill me. My time was so pack!!! But I need to pack everything and move to another house because our contract is finish and the house owner don't give us sign another one year of contract. He want us to sign 2 years. We don't want and he don't let, so we decided to move out.

SEE!!!! There are so many things to pack!!! Arg!!!! I dislike moving la~

Aiks..... Anyway, I painted my room because the wall is so dirty. My dear is helping me on painting but he only paint 1 of the wall out of 4 walls because he still need to prepare for his final exam. The rest of the wall is painted by me. Geng or not? Hehe~

Hehe... Don't wanna show you guys how sexy is my dear..
It is hot! Because there is no celling fan in my room and I still notyet bring my fan (that time).

He was having fun while painting.
Can you see the Body Glove trademark?

Opps..... Dear curi-curi tangkap gambar saya.
LOL!!! Where got people sit on the chair while painting?
.... and I'm the one!!! ^^

Dear is calling me:" Darling, look at here."

Oh!!! I didn't know that he zoom it until I saw the photo.
My smile looks so fake!!

p/s: The newspaper "apron" is make from my dear.


My pinky wall and white wardrobe.
The wardrobe bought from Ikea which cost only RM199. It is a nice wardrobe. Seem high class huh? Hehe~

My room is still in a little bit messy. Because I was so lazy to re-arrange back everything except my daily use items and cloths.

A little corner with all my stuff.
When can I unpack all this things??!!??


I gonna brighten up my post with yummy foods again.

About 1 month ago (opps, I know is too long. Sorry ya), I went to this shop for my lunch with dear.

It is located at Seri Kembangan which is beside South City Plaza.

It was my first time. So I decided to go and have a try. From the menu, the foods look delicious. There are only 2 of usso, we only order 3 dishes.

***Fa Diu Gai*** (in Cantonese)

The shop is famous with this.
But I think Restaurant Kien Kee is much more nicer. If you still remember that I blog about this dishes before. Joshua also blog about this for twice.

***Simple and normal taufu***

***Vegetable is good for your health o~***

More photos and update coming soon. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. working life ald? I'm going also T__T

    your room is nice. pink color. If u on a orange light during the night, i'm sure its pretty awesome.

  2. ohh~~ you paint the whole room by yourself!!??

    I can't believe you did that!!

  3. 原来你是designer!你好^^

  4. wai seng, U're going oso? then enjoy ur working life lo~ Hehe~ ^^ Orange light? Can't la~ Then I can't read mag and books properly dy~ Hehe~

    Beverly, Yeah! I painted it by myself but my bf help me painted 1 of the wall lo~ Anyway, Thx/// I not that geng actually la.. ;p *blek*

    Vincent, Yes~ *winks*

  5. wah, ur room is nice lar, fill with pink colour... I love it... hehe...


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