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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Aiks... Damn busy. This whole week I was so busy and there are too many things happen at once. Now, I have one and hour rest time. Later at 8pm I gotta go to uni for Degree Show rehearsal. Ya! Start from tomorrow, Monday until Wednesday (12th - 14th May) will be our final year degree show. Everything is in a mess on this week. Thank God that everything will be fine by tonight. What is Degree Show all about? There will be our final year design and product exhibition open to public. If you're staying near by, why not come and support us? The Degree Show will held at UPM main hall.This few day I was so tired cause of lack of sleep. Wish everything will going smooth and end soon so that I'll have a great rest.


As I said, there are assessments on this week. Everything is going smooth. Lecturer praise that my idea is good but of cause there are still got space to improve my design. I was very happy. So, my assessment already end and all of us (coursemate) is busying with our Degree Show. Can't believe that I gonna graduate soon. Heheee~ \(^o^)/ Yeeepieeee...~


I have a good news to share with all my friends. Erm... how bout all of you congrats me first?


I'm HIRED!!!

Last Wednesday, I went for 2nd interviewed. On the next day, I got a call from them. They told me that I was chosen by them and decided to hire me. WOW!!!! I am so happy. They also give me a good offer. I quite like the working environment there. So, I decided to work at there. Furthermore, I no need pay tol and parking fee if I work at there. I just need to drive 15 minutes to arrive my working place without traffic jam and the payment consider not bad for a fresh graduate. How good, right? All my friends is happy for me and of cause of beloved family too.

Beside that, it is an UK based company. So, they promise that they will lead me to a better career path. The already ready the way for me. Thank God for all this. Actually I decided to start working from 15th of June because I'll go to Redang before this. Then I told them I can start work from 1st of June but I need to take holiday for my Redang trip. Then they ask me whether I can start work earlier? I told them I'll consider about it. I haven give them the answer but I think I'll start work one week earlier. So, thanks for all the prayer and blessed gave by all of you, my parents and sisters.


Today is Mother's day! Oppssss... I haven call mummy to wish her Happy mother's day! Whole day I was too busy with Degree Show. Gonna call mummy after this. Mummy is the one who love me so much more than everyone. Thanks for bringing me to this wonderful world and teach me everything. Although sometime I'll argue with mummy (last time but now seldom because I'm studying at KL so, the "miss" is more than argue), but still I love her so much. So, wish every mummy stay healthy and happy everyday. Ok! I know is lame but this is sincere from my heart.


and mummy...

"I LOVE U so much!"


Hm.... Anything more to update??? Let me think first ya... OK! A short update.
~ I watched ironman! Comment? AWESOME!!! Watch it!
~ I shift to another new house.(In KL) with 2 of my current housemate. I'll decorate my room once I finish busy.
~ There are some conflict happen between one my Chinese coursemate with all the Chinese coursemate. Everyone is "boikot" her. Didn't talk to her and answer her when she ask us anything. The reason? There are too many reason. Part of it is she keep on "memperalatkan" us all this while and I'm the one who "use" by her alot and I'm still in blur situation until I was told by others. Beside that, she is an irresponsible person, ego, like to "mengutuk" others etc. I was so wrong to know a girl like this and I was so disappointed with her. I'm so good to her but she betray me and keep on hurt me. I cried cause of her! I hope she will change her attitude soon. There are too long story. So, I better stop at here.

I think that's all for this post, I'll update my pending post not late by next week as I promise ya~
Love ya~

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  1. u are UPM student??wow..so great!chinese very hard to get into local u wn errr..if u really is..den u sure is brilliant student!XD
    ahem..what job do u get??
    1 more thing..where do you stay now??which part of seri kembangan?hehe

  2. wow...
    conrgats to get a job even before you really grad... ^_^

    wonder which company is it...
    maybe they would want to hire me instead... haha (:

  3. Wow, congratz on the degree show ya... And not to forget, CONGRATZ of being hired!!! Which company and type of work ah?

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to u also...

  4. wow, congrates! so fast got job d...i m still jobless... T.T

    where u stay now?

  5. wow! congratulation!
    That is great to get job before graduate right? you are really talented!
    all the best ya : )

  6. congrat of being hired~
    and i wish you all the best~

  7. sai ling, ya~ I'm UPM student~ LOL!! I'm not a brilliant student la~ and I don't think so Chinese is hard to get into local Uni~ I'll be a graphic designer soon~ I staying at Bukit Serdang now~ ^^

    unclejosh, Thx ya~ LOL!!! how come hire u too?

    akira, Thx again ya~ It is a UK based company// seem not bad lo~

    ks,Thx fren~ I still stay at the same area but shift to another hse dy~ ;p

    bearlim, thx girl~ Ya~ is great to get a job b4 graduate... I start to find job when still have 1 more month to finish my study..

    wendybb, thx~ ^^


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