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Thursday, June 05, 2008


I think I don't need to mention too much huh?

Price of the petrol raise again and heard that government will raise the price again on coming August.

Today, I went to pump petrol. Every petrol station is full with carsssssssss. I wait for 1 and half hour only reach my turn. I went to petrol station at 10.30pm. Thank God that I get to pump my car before 12am. When is my turn, it is already 11.50pm. But there are still many cars queue-ing. Pity those driver who queue and waiting so long but still can't pump petrol before 12am.

Everything is increasing. But then salary still maintaining.
Haha... Today me and my colleague talk about this.
"Bo bian" lo~ (in Hokkien) *oppssss... I'm not hokkienese!!

This is so-called LIFE!!!

Cherish every moment we have.

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  1. i am too queuing up in the petrol station in kuantan too.... But, i queue for half hour i think...

    petrol price rising, and government dint think of how much there earn from exporting the oil, just said the price of oil we import had increased... sob sob..

  2. yes, higher cost to drive around, higher cost to enjoy good food :|

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  3. lolz... that's what i always say.... this is life bah... we're living in this country, i guess we have to accept that fact lor... living standard is getting higher and higher but the pay still remain the same, how could one survive??? all i could say is, continue to have faith in Him... Let Him make things right...

  4. This is our life in Malaysia, and we have to accept it...

    Just cherish our life to the best ya!!!

  5. choy yin, haha... so fast... ^^ maybe i go at 10.30pm then everyone were rushing to petrol station.. Now, mostly I only drive 70/80km on highway... =(

    d_luaz, Haha~ Enjoy Good food!! Yeah!!

    Tessa, Yes, it's life... God know the plan!!! ^^

    Akira, LOL!!!!


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