Degree Show 2008 - Part I

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Degree show is an exhibition, for all of us - final year student in Bachelor Industrial Design. At here, all the final year project by all the final year students will be present at here. It is open to public to come to visit and have a look in everyone's project and model making.

This is the entrance of the exhibition hall.
Inside the hall.

Opening and closing ceremony was held here.

OK!!! Now, I gonna show part of the model making by my coursemate and of course I'll show mine too.


Toilet bowl with special function.

Hehe~ This is one of my final year project - Durian Opener Tool.
Did I success in my experiment during my assessment?
YES!!!! I can easily open durian using the tool designed by me.




Beside that, I still have something to share with all of you.

Sketches by Industrial Design student.

Both of these are panel presentation.

What next? Hm....... Actually I don't know wanna blog about which one first, because there are too many things to post. Hehe~ (^o^)

Erm...... There is part II for degree show. What will I post in part II? Give you some clue. Haha~ It is all about our silly photo. Anyway, I gonna blog about food in the next post. It is specially for Akira, because he ask me to post to him. Hehe~ So, "Akira, wait ya~"

Tomorrow I'll go to Terengganu lo. Stay over night and the next day (Tuesday) will head to Redang lo~ Pray to GOD that we will have a safe journey. I'll enjoy my holiday!!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG~~ You final project really blew me away!!

    I'm so proud of you :)

  2. Wah, the final project is so brilliant!!! How much you have spent on that design?

  3. Baverly, ^^ Thx Girl~~~~

    Akira, ^0^ I spent around 1k+++... Don't get shock la~~~ Mine is juz a small amount, some of my coursemate even more~~~~ HEheeee~


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