Degree Show 2008 - Part II (The End)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Before I proceed to my part II, wanna share the movies I had watched recently.


I thought it will be a nice movie. I was so disappointed with it. No climax at all.


Erm... Sorry, I can't give any comment.
I watched this with my bf last night right after we back from redang. I was so tired and I fall asleep in the cinema. I know my bf wanna watch it, so I "sacrifice" my rest time to accompany him lo~ I am a good and understanding gf right? Lolzz~ OK!!! Don't vomit in my blog yeah!!


We went to Pavilion today. My comment >>>> awesome movie.
The panda is cute and this movie is quite colorful with different character of animals. A MUST watch movie in this year especially when you're so tired with working or study stuff. Just relax your mind and enjoy!!!!

Here is the Part I.... and now, here is the Part II which is the last post for my degree show 2008. Today, I'll share all the crazy and silly photos with my readers. Hehe~ All of us had a great time!!! We were crazy around the exhibition hall.

I was responsible for registration counter.
Damn boring when there is no visitor.
What to do? Capture lo~

Degree Show 2008 is here!!!

....with Fadril.

..... with An~ He looks so tired cause of degree show.

Hehe~ We love to pose!!!!! Friendship Forever!!!

OH YEAH!!!! We love to play around!!!!

DON'T play play hor!!!!! We're from karate and taekwando background one eh!!!



So, what will happen if you against the rule???

WHAT is happening??

OH NO!!!!
Kena belasah! So, dare you against the rule?

Wei wei - the silly, cute and funny girl.
We knew each other since primary. We study in the same school in primary, Form 6, and then enter into same local uni and study same course. There is a joke from the external assessor, he said, "Lepas tu, same bf dan kahwin sama." Haha~

One of our cute and funny lecturer - Mr Mohammizzam.

They are demo-ing sketching. They very pro one hor~

Lectures group photo on the closing ceremony of Degree Show 2008.

There are more photos at wei wei there. Gonna take from her when we meet.

Hm...... Next >>> My working environment!!!!! I already start my working life for the past 2 weeks. Wanna know more about my working life, colleague etc? Follow me to up to date ya~

~Good Night~

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  1. I bet the Degree Show is a great success!!!

    I'll definitely visit the show if I'm still in UPM~~

    You guys are awesome...
    Good job, girl!!

  2. I watched Kungfu Panda too! It was a great movie, and I watched The Happening just now too! hehe, not bad!!! Like the story line...

    Wow, u guys did a great job at the Degree Show there!! Keep it up ya!!

  3. Beverly, Yeah!!! It was so success~~~ Thx girl~~~ Everyone do for their best for the fyp~!!!!!!

    Akira, Thx ~~~~ I wanna watch the happening too~~~~ Can treat me??? ehehheee~


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