Dragon I

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dear wanna watch this movie since the trailer is on the screen.
So, we able to watch it on the first day on screen.

I keep on laughing from the start to the end.
There is no freeze up scene.

It is a great movie.
I have no regret to watched it and it is worth of it.
It is only cost RM8, although it is the 1st day on screen.


Last weekend, I went to Sunway Pyramid with dear, both of his brothers and mummy~ We had our lunch at Dragon I. It is always me and dear's favorite place but it is a bit costly (maybe only for me).

It is pan mee. (削刀板面)
The pan mee was peel with the knife.
~yummy yummy....~

***Shi Chuan Ramen***

Pork Rice.

***Fried Taufu***
This is quite special too.
It taste plain but it is tasty at the same time.


Me and dear's favorite.
Every time we dine in Dragon I, we will order this.
The MUST order for us!!!

Here come the desserts. I have a little advise for you, when you dine in Dragon I, DON'T ever order their dessert!!!!! Their dessert is yuckssssssssssssss. I try different dessert, but it is disappointed. From the menu, it looks tasty. But it is still up to you if you wanna have a try~~~ ^^

His brothers and lovely mummy who care & love me so much.

Next post will be a great and interesting one. Will be continue with Redang post!!!
Stay tuned.

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  1. i visited to ur nice blog.
    i got a verious of knowledge for me.
    a lot of thanks.
    be happy to....
    from MYANMAR.
    welcome u and visit to my blogs


  2. Yvonne, you must Fedex some foods to me :'(

  3. I want to watch Get Smart too! Haha... Maybe this weekend... hehe...

    Wow, so many food photo taken at Dragon I there, I missed the food there too!

  4. Yeah....my ever love Chinese Crusine....

  5. Win zaw, Welcome and thx ya~~~ I'm happy dat u gain various of knowledge.. Haha... But i think i dun have any knowledge at my blog la~~~ Juz some of my life update.. hehe~

    Beverly, Haha~~~ :D How?? ^^

    Akira & Lulu, ^^ Yummy yummy, but I gonna diet lo~~~ Heheeeee

  6. me again...dun diet by skipping meal o...

    Btw, i can see another MU fan in the pictures...keke

  7. lulu, EHhe~~~ I won't.. I'll take good care of myself... ^^ Thx for caring~~~

    Another MU fans??? Who?? O.o

  8. LUlu, haha~ I know who u mean dy~~ Akira rite? ^^

  9. First time visit your blog, got to know your blog thr Sock Peng blog...

    The food looks so yummy yummy...

  10. somewhere in singapore, hi welcome ya~~~

  11. I miss dragon i food..!! :p

  12. vN~ at Europe for some times dy, sure u miss m'sia foodsss~~ ^^

  13. hahaha..i will bear in mind..i wont order their deserts when i hang over there XD

  14. sai ling, ya, dun ever order their dessert!!! hehe... not worth even for a try ya~~


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