Food & Tea Hong Kong Restaurant

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

In one month time, I went to Food & Tea (Hong Kong) Restaurant few times.

I'm not addicted la~
I also don't know why why why?

I went there few times with my bf which is located at Jusco Cheras Selatan and went there once with my family at East Coast Mall, Kuantan.

Oppsssss..... I gonna share a little bit about East Coast Mall. I'm sure you wondering "What is so special about East Coast Mall", right? It is a new mall opening at Kuantan (on 30th April, 2008) and is the biggest shopping mall in the east coast. I went there when I went back to Kuantan on last 2 weeks. Hm.... Another great place to hang out. For me, it is still not bad la. But if you are from KL or JB or any other state that prosperous than Kuantan then you might think that "is nothing" for you. Hehe~ Anyway, Kuantan is still leading to another level la. Be patient!!! Kekekeke~

When I went to East Coast Mall with my family, we had our lunch at Food & Tea restaurant. So, I gonna share foods that we order, include the foods I had with my bf as Jusco Cheras Selatan.

I always drink "ying yong" at Kim Gary and this time I found this and have a try. Ying yong with grass jelly. NICE!!!!

DON'T try this!!!
Haha... For me >>> "yucks"

DON'T try this too.

Almost all the food above is delicious. I personally recommend you Udon Noodle. It is so yummy. The pizza might look "so-and-so" for you but it is quite delicious also but of cause you can't compare it with Pizza Hut. The mushroom soup is so special, it is in the bread. From the photo, it might seem small or normal but it is kinda big portion. You can share with you friends but it is not that delicious lo~

Yam "tong sui"
I'm a yam lover, of cause I like it!!!

Last but not least >>>> Me and my sisters favorite!!!
My younger sister ordered and 3 of us share.

Feeling full? or hungry?

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  1. Wah, so many delicious food to eat??? Post some for me pls... hehe...

  2. the foods looks so delicious!but it just something like kim gary..@@
    whats wrong with the honey dew and milk?haha..
    i would like to try all foods and drinks !!!!

  3. Kim Gary.
    Almost one year didn't go try it out already.
    Muz go there eat alot when i back =)

  4. Akira, Post for u? ok ar... Later ya~~~ How bout dimsum??? ^^

    Sai Ling, Ya, looks alike kim gary 1 but still, they got their differences.. I duno wat's wrong, they said ntg wrong but the taste is weird, So i juz cancel the drink..



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