Papa, I love you~

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!

I didn't go back to Kuantan to celebrate Father's Day with my beloved daddy. Sorry, papa.

In the photos, 3 of the character represent me and both of my sister. We're his beloved daughter forever.

He is a wonderful daddy.
He care me so much and even sometimes I had made him worried about me. Study and staying alone at KL, he kinda worried. But I had show him that I can "survive" and independent.


This is one of the sentence I wrote in my multiply blog.

On the 4th Spetember 2007, I wrote a blog. It's my papa's love towards me.
Some said:"女儿是爸爸的前世女人。" Isn't? Haha~ I don't believe!!!

He never scold me. He will advise me and give me courage.
I know he want me back to Kuantan >>> work. But I told him that I wanna work at KL because opportunity at KL is more and better compare to Kuantan. Although this is not his will, but he still respect my decision. Thanks Daddy~

I promise to be a good daughter.
Love you forever, papa~

This is the card I bought for papa. I got it one for mummy too~ It is exactly same. It is a certificate for the Best Daddy!! He is the world best daddy I ever have.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


Yesterday night, I accompanied dear dear watch EURO cup at Mc D. It was Sweden vs Spain. I watched the whole match. Spain was so geng. For the First half, both team tie, 1:1. Then all of us who watching the match at Mc D's will get a free coupon for each goal for each person. There are 2 goals, so we got 2 coupon. At last, Spain won the match with 1:2. In the last minute, Spain get 1 more goal. Everyone shout!!!!!!



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  1. Happy Father's Day to you ya!!!

    Wah, McD got TV to watch live football? Where is it ah?

  2. akira, Ya, every 24 hours McD oso can watch live match... That day I watched at Banting because my bf went there meet with his frens~~~~ ^^


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