Redang II - KT

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Date: still the same la~ 9th June 2008, Monday

Destination: LCCT >>> Terminal Lapangan Terbang, Terengganu.

We reached at 5.30pm.
We stay over night at Kuala Terengganu.

WHY again?

My friend said, price of the ticket is different. If we go to KT in the morning, the price will be higher compare with ticket in the noon / evening. So, we decided to stay over night at KT. Then we will go to redang in the next day, early in the morning.

We will stay over night at this resort.

I am so tired yet exciting.

A guy who like to take photo.
Keep on asking me take photo for him~ =.=|||

Ehhe~ Curi-curi tangkap gambar dia.

Check In lo~

After check in, we put our luggage at one side.

Guess what we wanna go and do?

Yam Char and MAKAN la~

For me, KT is a boring place. I think, if there is no redang island, there will not much people will go to KT. We had nothing to do after yam char. So, we headed to the beach.

Ya, our resort is facing the beach. It is so windy. Kuantan is my hometown. So, since I was a child, I came into contact with beaches. When I at KT, I felt like I was at Kuantan. Seem like I back to my land! Haha~ I don't wanna make you bored so..... Let's cut off the crap.

I took this when we reached. It is around 6pm.

.... and this, it is around 7pm.

What is happening? I also don't know. How come I suddenly act so??!!!?

Hey boy!!! Don't play play o~
Ohya, this is my first time meet with him.
Nice to meet you, Thian Ming.

We are a great poser but how come all of you seem nothing different except ME!!

Next.... What is so special with 10th June 2008 (Tuesday)? Can you guess it?

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  1. The nice thing with this blog is, its very awsome when it comes to there topic.

  2. It is true also that you can cheaper price if went around noon or evening... Fu yoh, who is the guy was looking at the seaside? Seem so very lonely!

  3. your blog is simply the best i've ever seen...and the pics are great. Congatulationes i think u have done a really good job!!!

  4. akira, but i dun understand why different rate lo? Is not the same 1 meh???? The guy lonely? haha~~~ Actually we were waiting our frens... so, he went to the beach alone lo~~~ He not lonely 1.... Got all of us ma~~~ Wahahahahaaaa

  5. Nitta, Hi there, although I don;t know who r u.. Anyway, thx ^^

  6. Leng lui blogger, i would like to place u blog add into

    but i need 2 or 3 days to study u blog



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