Self- Entertaiment

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Long time didn't self capture already.
Last Friday went to Pavilion with dear.
So, you know what am I doing lo~

I look so chubby.

Ehhe~ Keep on playing with my hp camera.
I think dear also beh tahan already but he didn't anything. ^^

Hey dear, drive carefully and pay full concentration.

So, what we do at Pavilion?
Be patient. I'll post everything up slowly.

p/s: too many photos.. and story to share..

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  1. You look chubby!!!??
    NO WAY!!

    You look super cute and lovely!

  2. I can see ur bf wearing MU jersey...MU supporter?

    My bf oso a superb MU fan...MU is absolutely mabulous this season!!

  3. Beverly, Haha~~~~ Thx dear~ u looks lovely too~

    Lulu, Hehe~ yaya~ That'd MU jersey that I bought for him for our anniversary this yr~~ ^^ Yeah!!! MU match is so fantastic~~ Even I don't like to watch football match also get influence by him~~ ^^

  4. is costly but valuable~

    ok, then we both ar MU's fan's gf.... i do think accompany bf to watch soccer match is quite romantic....keke...

  5. Lulu, yeah! I agree with u~~~~ Hehe~ That's y I start to watch~~ ^^

  6. Haha, MU rocks again!!! hehe...

    Feel excited to see MU jersey here!!!

  7. Akira, haha~ Now i know who is another MU fans means by lulu~~ Hahhaaaaa


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