The day has cOme

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday
to my boy!

YES! The "day has come" is my beloved bf's birthday. Yesterday had a pre-celebration with him. Just only both of us. Strictly No Others! Hee~ We went to Putrajaya. I suggested. Reason >> nice view with great and colorful lighting. Romance? Erm.... consider romance gua. Heheee~~ but it was a lovely celebration for him.

Mango flavor!!

Cute Innocence look!!

As he promised, he will bring me to "somewhere" for dinner. Just and only us also. Of cause I knew where he wanna bring me for dinner. That is the place that I "hunger" to go for but it is too expensive (for me). Since he strongly wanna treat me. So, just let my "hunger" / dream realize by him. Curious? Wanna know where we will have our dinner? Then stay tuned ya.

Anyway, his friends will celebrate for him on this coming Saturday. Hope tonight will be a wonderful night for both of us. 4 hours later, yummylicious foods will infront of me. Hee~~

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  1. Wah, nice cake ah!!! Hehe, ur bf is surely happy man~~~

    Curious! I wanna know where u will go then! Hehe...

  2. happy birthday to your boy ya! :)

  3. akira, Yeah! He is happy.. :D Ehhe~~~ the place ar? Gonna tell u later~


    bearlim, Thx !!! :)

  4. Happy birthday to him!!!! the cake look nice@@

  5. choy yin, thx ya!!! ^^ ya! the cake is really nice and soft too~~~~~ Doesn't taste like other sponge cake~~~ ;p ***yummy*** heheheeee

  6. so ssssss weet....


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