Dinner in a cave?!!?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Have you ever dine in a cave before? Yes? Nope? It's ok, nevermind. I'll introduce a very special restaurant, name The Cave which located at SS2. It is a huge three storey restaurant. Don't need to worry that you can't find this restaurant. Ohya, it not only provide western cuisine but also chinese cuisine. There are variety of choices.

I'm here to celebrate my bf's birthday. Birthday again? Eheheee~~~ (This is part 3 of his birthday post) On his actual birthday, only me celebrate with him. On the weekend, his friends celebrate with him. So I suggested this restaurant.

24 hours! But the manager told us they haven launch yet, so they only open until 1am, if I'm not mistaken.

When you step into the restaurant! You will amaze because the whole restaurant is just like in a cave. Anyway, let's the photo show everything. Caution!!!! I have many photo to share. Speed it up!!!!!!!

Interior @ Tha Cave!

I We step into room 226.

We will have our dinner here!

The menu.
One can't think well, love well, and eat weill, if one has not dined well.....

These are his gang!!!
Funny! Playful! Naughty! erm.... What else?

Of cause, can't forget us!!!

They were acting me and my bf! Playful huh?

OK! Stop playing over there! Food and drinks are here!

See! and again!!!! So playful! but I was having lotsa fun with them. All the laughter were brought by them.

Me and dear order set dinner which cost RM48++. There are appetizer, entree, dessert and drink.

Fresh saute Button Mushroom with Parsley Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mushroom Puree Soup.

Lamb Kofta served with spices cucumber raita and mushroom puree soup.

Rib Eye with black pepper sauce.
This is yummy~

Spaghetti with baked mushroom chopped pine nuts.
Erm.... spaghetti taste so and so only~ I love cabonara spaghetti more.

Soya milk cream brulee.
Both our dessert is the same. Only one choice. Yummylicious. The topping is crispy! It taste like portugese egg tart. It also taste like tauhu. Hard to describre! Anyway, it is sooooo delicious!!!

His friends order chinese cuisine set. The set include white rice and 4 dishes.
Overall the dishes still not bad! But it is a bit expensive. In my opinion, you can at least have a try for the chinese cuisine but I still perfer chinese restaurant for chinese cuisine. Reason > cheaper, big portion and taste "original".

After dinner, we walked aroud.
Wash room! Yes! It is also looks like a cave. Nothing look "normal" when you step into here.

We must take many many photos before back!!! I don't know when I will pay a visit again.

Outside The Cave Restaurant.
I am the camera girl. Always take photo for them. Poor me! hehe~ I still enjoy thought.

The logo beside the main entrance.

Guess how much we spent on the dinner?
RM 400++. All this gonna thank to my dear!!! He is the boss for the dinner. Poor him.

It is not a birthday celebration without birthday cake right? So, after dinner we headed to a cafe in Cheras to have fun with the birthday boy. It was an unforgettable night. I'll post it in next post.

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  1. Omgz...I laughing like shit
    The one acting you and your bf...

  2. WOw, nice place to go ler, 1st time see this kind of restaurant, and somemore 24hours oh!

    The price is kinda expensive lor...

  3. nice interior!!! if i had extra money will drop by when i go to kl again next time with my friends =p

  4. There are so much birthday celebration with your bf...jogoyo, cave, redang.....

  5. Jeromefo, :D

    Akira, Yes, 1st time~ but they haven 24hours yet. The price is kinda expensive~ but worth to give it at least a try lo~

    lcfu, ^^

    choy yin, Haha~~~ Yaya,, but redang trip is our anniversary celebration, not birthday~ ^^

  6. Yvon, u make me hungry again and again...

    U and ur gang are really like the "city delicacy hunter"~~ haha...

  7. Lulu~ haha~~~~~ nice food and place muz share with you guys!!! ^^ LOL! we really enjoyed!!!!! :D

  8. wow... so creative... i like the environment... it's a MUST go place when i go down to KL...

  9. tessa, ^^ But it is kinda cold there. Maybe less customer~~~ :p

  10. wow... the cave restaurant is a very unique concept restaurant! and it's 24 hours too! wah, i used to think that only mamak will practice that kind of concept. thanks for sharing with us and hope i will go there to try it myself! :)

  11. Mei wah, yes my dear!!! u're most welcome.... ^^


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