Dream came true!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My dream wish came true. Dream and wish is not the same! Wish-mostly will come true but not for dream. Dream might not come true until the day we die. Agree?

Continue with pre-celebration post. Yes, my bf's birthday. On the actual night, he brought me HERE! I wish to come to have a try at here but it is too expensive. Today, he bring my wish into actuality.

Jogoya @ Star Hill Gallery.

It is buffet style-lunch, dinner & supper. For the dinner time, start from 5pm-9.30pm while supper time start from 9.30-12pm. At first, we booked dinner time then we changed to supper. That is because I still need to work on the day, and it is not worth if I go for the dinner time.

What is the different between dinner and supper buffet? Actually it is almost the same. Dinner time is longer compare with supper time. The price for dinner buffet is RM88 while RM78 for supper buffet. It is promotion period, so there is RM10 discount for non-member; RM20 discount for member. Foods is nothing different for dinner and supper but for the supper buffetm you will have less choices (foods almost habis by those dinner buffet customer). So, you judge it by yourself >>> which is worth? Dinner or supper buffet?

Exterior of Jogoya @ Star Hill.

Looks yummy? Still ok ok for me. Not as delicious as I thought. Got a little bit disappointement, maybe I was having too high expectation from them.

Escargot, taste delicious. *First time ate this*

Soba! ***yucks***

Ohmy!!!! This is so yummylicious!!!! First time ate oyster with cheese topping.

He says:"At last I can have my meal!"

After that, we had some dessert and tea. Mango cheese is yummy. Pudding, chocolate cake and tiramisu taste normal. (I miss Delicious's tiramisu).

If you know me well, you will know that I love to drink tea especially flower tea. There are kinds of tea (tea pack) there for you to choose. I had Jasmine Green Tea, Ulong Tea, Rose Tea etc. Ehhee~~~ Yup!!! I'm enjoyed!!

..... and again!!! Silly and funny emotion from him!!

Thanks for the dinner dear, although it is your birthday, you still treat me! Billion thanks!!!!!

p/s: That time, I was really broke. All money gone for my fyp, anniversary gift & redang trip! Fortunately, I have a great bf~ Keke~~~~

We finished our dinner around 12pm, the time which the shop close. Then, we walked around Star Hill Gallery. All the shop were close but I still can capture some nice photo.

Interior of Star Hill Gallery.

Just some random shoot!

Happy birthday
Happy Birthday to you! My dear!

Next, I'll intro a special cafe! Don't miss it. You will regreat if you do so. ^^

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  1. haha, I had Jogoya one time, and I love it!!! So nice and I wanna go for the next time too!

  2. akira, haha!!! I'm sure you're the one who reading my post!!!! So late still haven sleep o?

  3. Till now i haven't been to Jayoga....What a shame -_-

  4. Jeromefo, Hey fren, how can you say like that? It is not a shame ok? Doesn't mean everyone must dine-in at Jogoya! but u can have a try if you got money la!!! keke!!! I think I won't go for the 2nd time unless someone treat me! Hehee~~~ :p

  5. wow, the food there look good, but i ponder how about the taste...

  6. lcfu, erm, their foods ok ok only~~~~ I think I'll prefer Sakae Sushi lo~~ but u can at least have a try la, coz got many specialty~~~ ^^

  7. Jogoya的食物是不错,服务就不行了~

  8. you have escargot on your birthday? lol. hope you liked it. cuz i just had a bunch myself, yesterday. but it wasnt my birthday, though. wakaka :-D

  9. Vincent Cho, erm the food ok ok only~ hehe~~~ the service stil ok, we ask them come, then they come. keke~~

    estancus, WOW!!! A bunch o? Geng eh! It is not my bday, is my bf~ ^^

  10. wowww....those delicacy!!!
    i gonna try it...JOGOYA..but i cant stand with buffet~~how come...

    else, I heart ur new hair setting...

  11. lulu, Thx~~~ No more curly, but I miss it la.. keke~~~ I also ate not much~~~ ^^ Gonna control~~~


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