Not bad too! But still can't fight with Kim Gary!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Last few day, went to Wong Kok for dinner. I don't think Wong Kok's food is nice. But, Wong Kok which located at South City, Seri Kembangan change my thought. Their food not bad too. I think only Wong Kok at IOI mall is yuck! Anyway, still can't fight with Kim Gary la~ Ehhe... me and dear is Kim Gary's lover. I don't knwo why I like Kim Gary, maybe influence by dear.

Mango milkshake.
I thought the taste will almost same with Kim Gary but I'm kinda disappointed. I miss Kim Gary's mango milkshake. Kim Gary's mango milkshake have sago.

Ahha~ My dear name it toilet bowl mee!!!

Pineapple chicken with fried rice. Taste so-and-so only.

Curry Fish Ball! *yummy*

p/s: I don't have any work in office today. So just blogging and facebook here.
I'll continue my dear birthday celebration part 3 (last part) by tonight!

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  1. I like KimGary too! Hehe, but seldom go to there, coz quite expensive mar... hehe...


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