Redang IV - anniversary nite

Friday, July 04, 2008

It is raining when we arrived. All of us feel disappointment but thank God that weather become good after an hour. Creation of God is really awesome. My photos can prove it.

Awesome right?

Bridge from Laguna to Reef.

After clean up ourself, nothing to do. So, we do what we like to do while waiting for dinner.

It is our anniversary, so I must looks pretty right? Heheheee~

A humorous guy, ck.

Dear and his close friends.

Nothing to do after photography session. So...... here again....

Mahjong lo. What else?
and I'm reading magazine. There are lotsa magazine provided.

It's dinner time.

Dear, smile!!!
**He just like to pretend and showing all those "stupid" faces when taking photo.**

***with Joe***

After dinner, we went to Beach Resort.
We drinking and there are a "mini" club, many people dance at there.

All EurO fever were here watched football match.

I'm drinking Long Island.
It is one of my favorite. If you wanna treat me drink, then please order long island for me. Hehe~

Arg!!!! Coz of the flash, dear can't open his eye wiiiiiiiiiiiiidely

It's our 3rd anniversary, curious what I gave to him?

A lovely gift for my beloved dear.
It is "something" that he wanted long time ago and now is the time for me (his angel) to deliver to him. Lolzzzz....

Yeah!!! It is his favorite MU jersey with Paul Scholes name on it (as he wish).

One day, he said:"baby, can you take photo for me? with MU jersey?"
Haha~ Of cause OK!!!
p/s:He seldom ask me take photo for him

and here is one of the outcome.
As I told you, he like to act "stupid". hahahaaa~~~
***as long as I like it. Kekeee***


I didn't get my anniversary gift from him on the day.
What is happening?

Stay tuned for the next post ya~

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  1. Nice photos at the beach ya! Hehe...

    Yeah, way to go MU!!!

  2. you are always pretty, not just on that day :)

  3. I love the panaromic shots.

    MU rox! hahaha

  4. akira, haha... MU fan!!!!! Thx anyway...

    Bearlim, lol... thx.. same to u too~~

    waiseng, I love it too... But those panaroma 1 I took with my hp.. keke~~~

  5. u look grand in the flowery gress o~~

    **Nice Dressing**

  6. mini club beach resort???

    i only remember there is a open disco for laguna resort on the beach..

  7. Choy yin, laguna dun have open disco wor.. Only at Beach Resort~ ^^

  8. wow!i went to redang island 1 month ago..the beach is really nice!
    u looks cutie and pretty!
    ur darling looks so cute also xD

    i bet u have a sweet trip in Redang island..izit?

  9. forget to ask u..did u stay in Redang Laguna resort?

  10. sai ling, haha~ Thx!!! ya, we have a really nice trip... not only with my dear la, with frens oso.. hehe~~ I stay at Reef~~ ^^


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