Redang V - 3rd day @ KT but 2nd day at Redang

Thursday, July 17, 2008

UPDATE a little bit :
- Last weekend, I had a really bad mood, so I did't update;

- Something was really influence my mood and I keep on think non-sence. But everything is OK already. I'm fine!!!

- Last few days, lotsa work to do but still I enjoyed.


Back to Redang!! I plan to finish redang post soon but due to lotsa photo. Anyway, I'll speed up. It was the second day at Redang. For the first day and second day, we go for snorkeling. A great experience for me. There is 2 session of snorkelling-morning and noon. On the second day noon, I didn't go for snorkeling. So, let's see, what we do on the second day?

I think everyone is familar with this!!!

Yea!!! More more Tea Inn~~

SPOT me!!!

Our Love testimony.

All of us!!! So happy!!! So lovely!!!

Eeeee~~~ Geli eh~~~

Everyone is sooooooooooooo relax.

Ehhee~~~~~ Me too!! Relaxing after busy for fyp!

Come on! Serious 1!

Let's see what next?

LOL!!! Dear is showing off.

What a sunny and windy day~ I like Redang!!!!!



Let's jump high high high high above!!!!

Next, I gonna show you the amaze one.

Actually I don't mean the photo la. Is the photographer. Guess who capture this?
Is me!!!!!!!! Only one shot then gao dim.

:: NIGHT ::

We went to drink again!
Actually nothing to do at night time, kinda boring. After drink, we went to beach walk.

Something was on my mind!!! I want to get a tatto!!!!!

No worries!!! It is removable. Kinda expensive but maybe just once in a life time so GO for it!!!

Colourful butterfly. I love it.

Dear wanna get one too.

Simple yet nice.

Friend's tatto. Nice!

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  1. How much is the tattoo oh? Kinda expensive?

    I like the photos at the beach where u all jumped around... hehe... it is so nice!!!

  2. Wah!!!! How come u always so fast? U got software that inform u that ut fren dy update their blog? Hhaaaa~~~

    Erm... I forgot the price dy. But got 3 kinds, big, medium & big tatto. Different size, different price. Mine is medium 1. I think is around rm35!

    Yea! I like that photo too~ Those without me were capture by me..

  3. redang! my dream place >.<
    i want to go~~~

  4. you are so adorable!!!
    especially with the butterfly tatt!!!
    stay lovely always :)

  5. bearlim, ^^

    beverly, Thx girl!! :D

  6. i went redang in last school holiday too..redang realli nice!ur photo shot also very geng XD
    i saw the tattoo stall there but i dint make it..haha..


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