Redang VII - Gonna miss it!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This will be the last post of my redang trip. Ya! At last!!!! End soon!!!!! Are you enjoy with my post and the photos I capture? Thanks for loving my post (if you're).

Last day at Redang Island. What we do over there? No more diving. We have to check out before 10am. After having breakfast, we saw something!!! Something CUTE!!!!!!!!

Turtle with me!

Yeap!!! Turtle!!!!!! 1st time, I'm so near & close with turtle. Actually I'm kinda scare when holding it because he/she is trying to escape!!! I scare I will accidentally let it go then charm lo. Turtle is soooooooooooooooooooooo cute.

Hehee~~ My dear soooooooooooooooo cute too.

US with little cute turtle!!!!
Turtle:" I need water!!!!!"

After that, we walked around.
Part of Redang Reef Resort

Fall in love with Redang Island!

Redang Reef Resort!

Before we leave, must do something important! Very important.

I'm collecting kinds of sea shell!!! As a souvenir for my beloved friends and love one.

Time to say bye bye.
Below are the photos I took while on the way to jetty. Some photos are "senget" because I was in the ferry!!!!

Before we go to airport, having our lunch at KT.
Although it is just a simple dry mee but delicious. Maybe hungry already. LOL!!!

OHYA!!!!! Here is some souvenir for my friends!!!!
This is from my dear >>> for me! Thanks ya~~~

END of Redang post la~
Next, I will bring you go mum mum.

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  1. I am staying in reef too for my redang visit last time....But, i collect those whity sand as souvenir... Love the sand there much!!! Is totally different with TC... They are too comfortable to step on it!!

  2. You are holding the real turtle? Hahaha... nice ler, at least got the chance... hehe...

  3. Choy yin, I also got collect white sand - whole bottle.. Yea, it is totally diff from others..

    Akira,Yes, it is real!!!! Still alive that's why it keep on moving, trying to escape..

  4. Hey babe! One of my dear princess friend also posted bout her trip to Redang as well, you can go and check out dear! You know BByin right? Her blog URL is:
    Trust me, my dear friend is a sweet and bubbly angel! Maybe you gonna love her more than I do :P Heh heh...

    Oh boy! Akira! Come on! The turtle looks real to me :P

    Nice shots dear! Each and everytime I saw ppl posting bout the beach, Barbie just feel like missing the sea so bad, cuz it's been awhile since my I went there =(

  5. WAH!!! Beautiful views again!!!!
    You are so cute in the 1st picture...
    The one you're holding tortoise!!

  6. Barbie. haha... Thx, I view bbyin's blog b4. Ya, she's cute!!!! That's y I love redang so much/// nice view and I can take nice pic also ^^

    Beverly, Oh my dear , that's not tortise, is turtle!!! how come so many ppl confuse btw turtle and tortise!!!!!

  7. wow..whole bottle tim....
    i collect it in the last minute...regreating that i took too little..


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