Where's my anniversary present?

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Every one asking me the same question :"How's your working life?"

Thanks for the caring, friend.
I gonna tell you that I am enjoying my working life for this moment. My colleagues are so nice and friendly. Sometimes we even went to sing k at lunch hours. \(^o^)/ For this moment, I still don't have lotsa things to do but will have lotsa things to do later because one of the designer already resign, she migran to Australia with his hubby.

*All the best to you, Rachel. God will always bless you and your hubby*

Some of friends will ask me:"Do you miss your student life?"

Of cause I miss my schooling life but not uni life. Uni life is not as good & not as enjoy as I think. Before graduate, a coursemate of mine give me an unforgetable memory. She let me know how dangerous is this world. Thanks to her. I miss secondary life. All my friends are so nice and they gave me a great memories.

Thanks my friend and I miss all of you.

Ehhe~ Still remember this photo?

Yes! I went to Pavilion with dear the day after I back from Redang. WAIT!!! My friend, I haven finish blog about my Redang trip. I know it is exactly one month after I went to Redang. Sorry ya. But this post is related with the previous post ma~ Heheee~~

On the way to Pavilion with dear. Exited because I will get my anniversary present soon. Tee hee~~

Before I get my present, we went to TGI Friday. It was my first time dine in TGI and I know it is "siblings" with Itallianese. So, I'm sure their foods will serve in big big portion. There is a set meal which cost RM69.90 RM39.90 (really CHEAP!!!) , include appetizer, an entree and dessert.


Looks yummy right? INDEED!!!!

Don't believe? Prove it to you.

Now you believe?
Eheheee~~ This photos make me laugh. I dating with a funny silly guy.

***I like TGI Friday!!***

If you like Itallianese, then you will also like TGI Friday. All the foods are yummylicious but it is too big portion. I "da pou" the cake. Haha~ Can't contribute to my stomach anymore. I can't even finish the main course.

After our lunch, then we headed to Bonia. Yeap! He wanna buy a purse for me. Tell you why I didn't get my present on anniversary day. He told me that he wanna buy a purse for me because he feel "sakit hati" to see me using RM3 punya purse. Yes!! I was using purse that cost only 3 bucks. Don't believe? Just believe it. ^^ Although the purse only cost RM3, it is user friendly leh~ If dear didn't buy me another purse, I still using the 3 bucks purse.

On the day (anniversary day), he told me that he didn't buy present for me. Then I feel a little bit unhappy. Then he told me that he wanna buy a Bonia purse for me. He want me to select the purse I like cause he scare buy a purse that I don't like. But to be honest, whatever purse he buy for me, I also will like it. Hehee~~

At last, I choose this. It was also choosen by him.

At first, I want the plain with black color (For your infomation, I like simple things & simple design. Just as what I wrote & says "a simple girl with a simpel mind" but I think my mind is no longer simple anymore. Should be meture already.. Heee~). But he said it is too simple. Then he choose this for me. I said:"It is a bit complicated (the whole design) " and I ask: "WHY this?" Then he said:"I want you always miss me after I go to UK." He is so bad. Of cause I catch what he mean, so I choose this at last.

After that we went to Esprit Cafe to have a cup of drink.

New purse!!!

Changed - from old purse to new purse.
*you can see my old purse on my thigh*
He ask me to change de. He even more nervous than me. Keke~

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  1. Wow, nice purse from Bonia!!! Your dear is so nice lar... hehe...

    TGIF set meat! I want to try it too! So cheap ah? haha...

  2. nice purse you got!
    so sweet yeah~:)

  3. i saw from TGI friday, there got a promotion for TGI appetizer, entry plus dessert only 39.90 buck!!!!

    P/s: happy graduate lo!!!

  4. bearlim, ^^ *winks*

    choy yin, really rm39.90.?? Coz i forgot is how much dy!!! I duno is RM39.90 or RM69.90. Then I'm right at first la!!! hahahaa~~~

    Akira, sry, it is RM39.90. Hahaa~~~ Yeah!!! Really cheap!!! Go and try it!!!

  5. AWWW... so sweet of him... both of you really are a very sweet couple...


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