Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Haiz.... I was so lazy to update coz photos still haven edit yet. Yesterday I have a task, do some changes for a web site. I was so headache with it. So, yesterday I back at 6pm sharp. Don't wanna continue face it and burst my head. I told my dear that I was so tired with the task. He brought me for dinner. He ordered pan mee (my favorite) for me. Unfortunately I saw "something" in the pan mee. Guess what? Is the one which use to wash kuali. Arg.......... my mood get worst again. But I don't care it la. Next time I won't order from this stall even his pan mee taste nice.

As usual, I will go to work with good cheer. I know I will face the same task again but with God strenght I know I can do it. Frankly, I will get a better idea in the morning, maybe coz of my mind still fresh. Unfortunately, after back from lunch, my mind will started get stuck!!! Haha~~~

Oppssss.... I'm too far away. Back to the title - annoyance. Ya!!! This 2 days, my mind keep on thinking the same thing. I admit I like to think non-sence. But I scare those non-sence will become reality if I didn't aware of it.

In the morning, I was doing my work. Still, the same thing playing in my mind. I just can't STOP it! I don't know why. Maybe I worried too much. Or maybe I don't have confident in myself. Yea! I'm kinda low profile actually. Hah~~

Last night I even dream about it. Huh??!!!!??? Even can't give me a good rest? I'm thinking too much too much too much.....


I don't want the same thing play in my mind again!!!!

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  1. Take some rest and everything will be okay~~ ^_^

  2. yaya...go out for a walk with ur frens or ur dear...mayb they could help to ease ur tension..

  3. Akira, Kiki, Choy yin,
    Dear all, I'm fine and feeling good & better today~~~ No worries!!!! :D Thx for the care~~~

  4. HELP?
    Chill la, sis.
    Life is up and down one =x

  5. Jeromefo, LOL!!! I'm ok now!!! haha~~~ That time was kinda emo~~~ :D

  6. poor girl, dont stress up yourself ya!

  7. Bear Lim, Thx for caring~~~ I'm ok!!! :D


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