Friday, August 08, 2008

In the previous post, title is annoyance.
In this post, title is cheer.

No more annoyance,
but cheer.

Thanks to my dear who cheer me up.
On the day, I told him my feeling.
He asked, what happen.
I don't wanna let him know what is the matter that keep playing in my mind.
So I told him not to ask WHY!
He respect me.

At night, he cheer me up with this!!!

Fried Rice.

I know. It seem nothing special for you but it is soooooooo special for me. This is the first time he cook. He cook fried rice for me. Although this is the first time he cook, but yummy. I feel like want more.

Simple but sweet.

Then he brought me for movie at Alamanda.
Before the movie, we walked around the shopping mall.
We went into Famous Amos shop.
I am so happy when I saw all this.

All these are so cute and sweet.
Although I didn't buy anything,
but my mood getting better.

We watch Mummy 3.
Before I watch this movie, I heard lotsa people said the negative part of the movie.
Anyway, I still enjoyed.

Thanks to the one who cheer me.

p/s: I'm watching opening ceremony of Olympic @ Beijing. Unfortunately, I feel tired, sleepy and headache. Ouchh..... Headache please far far far far away from me.

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  1. wow muMmy... i wanna watch also, but have no time, gonna buy pirated DVD =(

  2. wow!he cook for u??jealous jealous!!my bf never cook for me..T__T

  3. your dear is so nice, always cheer you up with your favorite. happiness ya :)

  4. wow...when is the turn for me? my "HE" nvr cook for me yet!!*E.N.V.Y*

    100%sweet yor....

  5. lcfu, Hahaa!!!!!! Pirated o? Long time never watch pirated movie dy!!! Coz i can download from internet!!! Hahhaaaa!!! :D

    Kiki, Yea, he cook for me!!! ^^ Ask Kaei cook for u~~~ Keke... =)

    Bear Lim, LoL!!! Thanks!!!!

    Lulu, Yes, sweet sweet love~~~~ =)

  6. 你很幸福!这可是爱心炒饭呢^^

  7. Wow, so nice ler! Hehe, I also want lor...

  8. Akira, then faster go and find a gf la~~~ LOL :D


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