Convocation @ Wisma MCA

Monday, August 25, 2008

If you thought this is my convocation then you are wrong.

My convocation will be held on October. I still don't know the actual date and day. How come so late? I also don't know. Sien......

Opps..... Before I continue with this, I wanna share a good news!!!!

I bought a Canon PowerShot G9 last Saturday. It is a semi-pro. Faster, congrate me!!! Ehheee~~~~

Before this, I'm dilemma between Canon PowerShot G9 (semi-pro) and Canon EOS 1000D (DSLR). 1000D is new in town for almost 2 weeks and cost only RM1999. After doing research and asked opinion from many many many friends, I decided to bought Canon G9. Wanna know why? If yes, then continue with the next paragrphy. If nope, then jump to the second next paragraphy which related with the title > convocation.

I decided to bought Canon G9 because it is user friendly - small in size (smaller than slr but bigger than digital camera), convenience to bring to anywhere/anytime; Second, it is not a compact camera but semi-pro, it works exactly same with slr (manual setting etc) BUT G9 can't change the lens and BUT can add lens and flash; Next, it have macro mode that you can shoot the object as near as near 1cm!
1cm!!! 1cm!!!! It is good and more than enough for beginner like me. You can browse through the link for more infomation about Canon PowerShot G9. I bought Canon G9 price at RM1599, full accesories; 4GB; FREE >>> screen protector and tripod.

p/s 1: Why don't I buy Canon EOS 1000D? There is only 1 reason! I have no money to buy macro lens / extra lens.

p/s 2: If you are just a beginner like me (don't have extra money to buy extra lens), why not go ahead for Canon G9?

Alright, back to the actual track.
This is not my convotion but my ji mui - pey geng!!! Her convocation was held at Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang.

UTAR Convocation.

People mountain people sea.

Sunflower for her.

Sunny day! So hot!!!

Getting fed-up. (Ahha!!! Just kidding)
Still waiting for her.

Shot with my G9 while waiting for her.

My ever ji mui.

with her beloved family.

Here we are!

Kwang San, HeLVi, Pey Geng, Me & Wei Sang.
KS was late!!!!!

We leave at 1pm. While we walking to the car park. I saw CooL gadget.

CooL right? I'm wondering, how much the car owner cost for this set of design on his/her car? But it looks really nice and attactive!

All the photo above were took by Ganon G9. I'll share macro shot in the next post.
Comment are soooooo welcome, so that I can improve my skill. Thanks!

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  1. Nice photos over here!!!
    Wow, u went to convocation too? Hehe, recently got lotsa convocations too ya...

    The MyVi is so cool!!!

  2. Walaueh.
    I wish my car can be like that also. Put all my fav anime character there....

  3. Akira, Yup! My best fren!!!

    jeromefo, Haha~~~ CooL rite?

  4. firstly...
    finally u bought it..
    shoot more oh...

    congratulation to ur jimui...
    happy convo....

    tat car is very sui...

  5. Haahaa~~~ How come ur comment so "funny" 1? Anyway, thx ya my fren~


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