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Friday, August 22, 2008

Last weekend, I back to Kuantan with Kwang San. At night, went to yam char with friends and of cause I meet my beloved ji mui too. The night was great. I keep on played Lion's DSLR!!! I learn a lot about photography method from him. Thanks ya~

It's Canon D10 which belongs to Lion.

Hehe~ All of us played with his slr.

Me and Lion.
Feel free to visit Lion's flickr~

Me and Kwang San.
The driver who fetch me back to Kuantan.

Ah Ngau! Didn't smile pun~

Below are the photos captured on the day and edited by Lion.

Ji mui forever.
This Sunday, I'll attend her convocation!

Tomorrow I'll go to Sunway Pyramid.
There is "something" waiting for me!! Heheee~~~

Curious?!!? Will be reveal on the next post

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  1. I wish to get a DSLR camera lar... So nice ler... Hehe... But quite heavy to carry this around...

  2. wow.... u play on canon EOS 10D... not bad...
    how u feel?

  3. I m thinking when can i pamper myself with the Canon D10....??

  4. never been to kuantan... you gotta be my guide when i have chance going there ya =)

  5. Akira, Erm.... Why don't you think about semi-pro? I just bought one!!!

    Deejay, Haha! Canon 10D is belongs to my fren. Not bad la, but it seem ntg to me now coz i still a beginner.. ^^

    Kiki, :D

    Lulu, I just pemper myself with Canon G9~ ^^ I'm sure you can!!

    lcfu, HUH??!!!? Haha! Sure ok! Just let me know yea~


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