Fun with the guy!

Friday, August 01, 2008

This will be the last part of my dear's birthday celebration. Ya, his birthday was a blast. It seem like my birthday too, cause I was so enjoy and dear treat me Jogoya.

After dinner at The Cave, all of us headed to Gilly Cafe @ Cheras. As I said earlier, it is not a perfect birthday celebration without birthday cake right? Here, we gonna have fun!!!!! I'm sure all of you will know what will happen next! All of you are sooooooo clever.

Gilly Cafe @ Connaught, Cheras.

1.5 kg!

Always never miss out the craziessssss gang!!!!

and of coz me!!!

See? How much they love him.

I wish.............
***oppssss.... watch out the hand!!!!***

Hm... nothing happen geh?

Guys acting cute!!!!

Hungry ghost!!!
WATCH OUT, dear!!!

Kesiannya my dear!

I said he look like The Mask but some say like joker, The Hulk etc. How about you? Anyway, he is still my dear.

yummy? NO!!!!

Shape of the face was on the cake.

After that, we ate cake ,chit-chatting and played card!!! What a wonderful night with great friend at great place.

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  1. Haha, your dear kena already lor! Hehe... The cake is so big, especially for him, rite? Ha!

  2. OMG
    an exclusive cake !!! =)

    too bad to spoil it like that xD

  3. akira, Yes! Especially for him! His birthday ma~~~ ^^

    .MiNღ唲., LOL! It's ok! We don't mind the cake became like that~~~ Just wanna have some fun~~~ :D

  4. guys look so YOUNG

  5. OMG!! You lick your bf? That was funny :) The birthday cake is really nice :)

  6. Very nice cake...
    Lolx...kesian your bf.
    Kena the cake kau kau xD

  7. Beverly, lol!!! Just acting! Didn't lick him~~~ :D

    Jeromefo, Ya! Kesian~~~ :D But we really have fun!!!! and he do't mind! ^^

  8. the cake is so special!!the way you guys locate candle also very special~~:)

  9. bear, Haha~ THX!!! The cake was booked and bought by me~ and the candle was located by me too~~~ :D

  10. He is 21, means he is younger than you?
    The cake look huge and nice!!

  11. i do see with you but what catches my eyes was the header " Fun with the guy! "


  12. choy yin, yes girl!!! ^^

    James, sorry, I dun understand with what you mean???!!? O.o

  13. i was attracted by the header of this topic... "so aheeeem" and was amazed how great the event was.... no worries ...

    keep it coming :)

  14. aiyoyo...
    pity him lo...
    bully like tat...


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