Jackson & Janice Wedding

Monday, August 11, 2008

20th of July, Jackson and Janice getting married. I knew both of them since 2002. Are you curious to know more about how we meet and how they meet? 3 of us knew in a church camp which is Joshua Camp. This camp only for christian. This is not a 3 or 4 days camp but 1 month. Yes! One month. Our camp site is at Kota Tinggi, Johor.

At this camp, I knew Jackson and Janice. In the same time, Jackson & Janice knew each other too. Jackson is from KL; Janice is from Ipoh which is famous with liang lui (pretty girl). In one month time, we able to know each other well and deeply. That time I'm quite friend with Janice & Jackson too. That's why I must attend their wedding ceremony.

Both of them start their courtship period in the camp. I'm so happy with them. I testimony their courtship and now their marriage. Anyway, I will share more about us in the camp (and of coz with lotsa photo) in the future.

This is the 2nd time I attend church member wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony held at New Life Church @ Paramount and start at 2pm. There is some music going on while waiting for the bride.

Pastor is giving blessing to the couple.

There are some couple of sweet programm.

That's me with just a light make up.

We are the 8th Joshua campers.

Thanks to J & J wedding, I able to meet few Joshua's friends. It is such a wonderful and great gathering.

Wedding gift from us.

Me with the prettiest bride-Janice.

I don't know when we will meet again? Who will be the next to marry? Ehhe~~~

At night, we went to Emperor Garden @ Kepong for the wedding dinner.

Ivy, Joyce & me.
We reached on time, not much people yet.

We are from the same hometown-Kuantan, we attend same church too.

Sabrina getting pretty.

The girlssssss.

A big big big family. Brother and sister in christ.

All of us with the pretty bride. Where's the broom?

Wish both of them sweet forever.

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  1. you are gorgeous in pic :)
    I never attend any friend's wedding untill now >.<

  2. Nice wedding!!! Aikz, I got 4 weddings to go on September...

  3. Baer Lim, Thx girl!!!! U're still young la~~~ But i getting old~~~ Keke~~~ :D

    Akira, WOW!!!! 4 Weddings o??? Sure u gonna "pokai" soon... lol~~~~

  4. me same as bearlim too, never attend any of my friend's wedding dinner... :) all are happily unmarried...

  5. Both " J " look very young.
    When's your turn to get married also =P

  6. Mei Wah, Hmm.... sad to hear bout that~~~ =(

    Jeromefo, Ya, Janice 23 and Jackson only 24/25(I forgot).. I'm still young and far to go.. haha :D

  7. the bride dress is nice... like layer and layer of cake from bottom...

    ai wei is there too....Hmmn... a long time dint meet her up...

  8. wow...i only been to 1 wedding party so far...most of my friends still dont wanna get married

  9. congratz...i love to c ppl get married....haha

  10. Choy yin, Ya, Ivy know them too ^^

    lcfu,Haha... Still young ma~~~

    Smile, Thx ya~

  11. wow~ur friend was having a wedding party..so envy her..can be the pretty bride~haha


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