Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here are the macro shoot of the flowers by Canon G9. It was my first time shoot macro using semi-pro. Anyway, comments are welcome so that I can improve.

I love this most.

I shoot as near as 1cm.

***Rose rose rose, I love you***

Pinky rose.

Last night I went to Putrajaya to capture the night view. Tonight I'll go there again. I'm a good learner. Tee~ Hee~

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  1. Wow, the photos are very nice man~~~ Great shots!

  2. Nice...

    The G9 macro mode very good, although is near as 1cm, it can still get sharp photo...

    Keep it up...

  3. no.2 photo very nice...
    love the compo...

  4. no.3 and 4, compo still can be better...
    try to apply the rules of third....

  5. Choy yin, Haha~ Thx! Yea! MACRO! I think I gonna be a macro freak soon~~~ :D

    Akira, Thx thx thx~~~ Still d learning..

    Eric, Ya, not bad. Better than my previous compact digital cam. Haha~ I'll keep it up, thx for ur advise yea~

    Deejay, haha~ Every of my fren who gd in photography also said like the 2nd one. Ok! Roger!!! I'll improve! =)

  6. wow... nice nice... it's really good...

  7. AAARRRrrrr....I really wan the Canon G9!!

  8. hi yvonne,
    long time no see, how r u doing?
    wow, the pics are really good!!!!
    so envy la...i want a unit of that camera too;PPPP *so envy la, turning green*;PPP
    i love taking pics too tho i know so little about professional photography...

  9. you bought DSLR?
    i love macro shoot too!:)

  10. Jeromefo, & Tessa, Thx!! ^^

    Lulu, Haha... GO n get it~~~ :D

    Kee kee, I'm fine here, thanks.. I also not so know well about photography... Just started to learn step by step too.. ^^

    Bear Lim, No, Not DSLR but semi pro.

  11. 你的花拍得很美下哦。。。

  12. it looks nice~!! think i have to change a better camera for this macro function...

  13. TheGodSteals & Vincent Cho, Thx~ :D


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