Wonderful Sunday

Sunday, August 10, 2008

It suppose be a wonderful sunday morning. Unfortunately I still feeling headache. Whole night, I Just can't sleep well. I slept at around 5am and woke up at 8am. Dear promised to bring me for Hong Kong dim sum at Puchong.

Although headache but I still enjoy the breakfast with the beloved one.

Wow!!!! There are so many people in the restaurant and many people stading outside and wait for table. Same with us. We wait outside to hunt for table. After 20minute, we manage to get our place. Here are some dim sum I ate.

It seem special so I took it but it is not delicious as I thought. It is something like char xiu pau.

One of my favorite. *yummy*

Another of my favorite too.

Hmmm......... Taste ok only but dear said not bad.

Dear said next weekend wanna come again to try other dim sum because there are too much choices. After breakfast, I went back and sleep. Coz I really can't stand anymore and guess I woke up at what time? 5pm! I woke up at 5pm. The headache is still there but getting better.


Do you know what is Hakka Lei Cha (客家河婆擂茶)? It is one of the Hakka food. I am consider half hakka~ Haha~~~ Coz my mummy is Hakka. Hakka Lei Cha have 7 different kinds vegetable and nuts together with the tea. Then mix with the white rice and eat together.

Last Friday, me and colleague went to New Era College for some photo shooting. After that, we went to the nearer restaurant for our lunch. I ordered Hakka Lei Cha. It was my first time ate this.

Hakka Lei Cha (客家河婆擂茶)

Here is the 7 different kinds of vegetable and nuts with the white rice. The green colour is the peppermint tea. Hm.... It taste weird when I first taste the peppermint tea. But it taste good after few try. It is good for health because it it all nuts and vegetable. Go and have a try at least once!!!

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  1. Sorry ya, I went to KL last few days, and din manage to meet u... Kinda rush for me...

  2. Akira, It's ok la~~~ I understand geh~~~ I fet sick on the weekend, so if u free, I oso can't meet u~~~


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