Monday, September 08, 2008

It's 3.22am.
You might wonder what am I doing late at night?
I'm feeling tired but still can't fall asleep.

Today (Sunday), I went to Sunway Pyramid with dear and his mummy.
We went there to bought all the things that needed by my dear to bring to UK.

Soon! He will be leaving me to UK.
My friend, not Ulu Klang but United Kingdom.
A place that miles away from Malaysia & 7 hours earlier than Malaysia.

He will be away for 1-2 years to further his study at University Aberswyth, Wales.
After 3 years, this is the first time we will be apart from each other for a long period.

Before this, my friends ask me:"You don't feel sad and didn't cry?"
I answered:"No."
But if now you ask me again the same question, the answer will be different.

Frankly, that time I didn't even think about his leaving.
That's why I didn't feel sad and think of wanna cry.

But when the days getting nearer, I have a weird feeling.
Today, when we went to bought the luggage, cloths, sweater etc, my feeling is no good.
Seem moody, but I think he didn't realize at all.

15 days later he will fly to UK.
and I will stay at Malaysia (to continue my working life).

I don't know how my life will be without him in this year.
Hm.... maybe my life will be more simple than now.
No one will always bring me go makan.
No one will always bring & accompany me go to cinema to watch movie.
No one will always bring me play pool & bowling.
No one will always buy magazine for me.
No one................

Anyway, I will appreciate this coming 15 days.
No argue but happy dayssssss~

p/s:This coming year will be a tough one for us. I pray to God that both of us can overcome with it. **I'm gonna missssss him a lot.**

Good night!

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  1. hahaha...dont sound so sad ok? he will soon be back to you... or you can fly to uk when you are free ok?

  2. Dont be so sad ok? You both will be fine after all! Have faith in yourself too!

  3. Pray for you both too.. Have faith, stay strong... Best to you :D

  4. i know you still will sad if i ask u dont be sad, i understand that feeling..
    but i know it will be all right, and you two will be more and more lovely after he come back :)

  5. LCFU, Thx ya~

    Akira, Try my best lo`~~~ Ya! Faith is the most important fact!!! I will keep in mind~ ^^

    Beverly, Thx for your prayer girl..

    Bear Lim, Hah~~~ Now, we dy more lovely~~~ Then when he back, more more more lovely lo? LOL! ANyway thx!!

  6. nothing can happen between u n him...
    cheers my fren....


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