Holiday & Family Camp @ Cherating Beach

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hi dear all. I'm sorry to my friends who always click on my page but see nothing (no new update). So, today I gonna share lotsa photos with you. Well, I was so busy in this whole week. I'd many works to do >>> update website for our client, facebook application and there are 2 new web design etc. I'm sure you will wonder :"Why not update my blog at night?" Hah~~~ Almost everynight I went out with my dear cause we will apart from each other soon (for one year).

Anyway, I'm here right now. Last weekend I back to Kuantan. It was 3 days holidays. There was a 2 days 1 night damily camp held by my church at Cherating Beach. It took around half an hour to reach there.

We're on the way to Cherating Beach.
COmE! Tell you a secret, I'm the driver who took this photo. Haah~ Don't learn from me ok?

Half and hour later, we reached there. The scenery was nice. It is a sunny & windy day.

This is the chalet we stayed.

1 day before Malaysia Independat Day.

Little sis and me. *hug hug*

Daddy & Phoebe.

Theme of family camp is We are Family.

There are many games prepared. I bet everyone is having fun. The photos prove it. But I didn't join, because it was so hot!!! So, what we do over there while others having fun?

Haha~~~~~ Now you know.

Daddy & mummy are getting old but their mind still young.

Daddy & dear.

Below are the photos I took with Canon PowerShot G9. I tried different setting and come out some of the photos which I felt satisficed.

The sky & scenery @ Cherating Beach.

Then I saw a little malay girl standing there. So I shoot this moment. She's cute but seem lonly at the same time. She is watching the children playing.

I tried a macro shot of the sand. Not really satisfice with the outcome.

Yeah! I like this~

Sunset! I love it. Aren't you?

A little holiday for us.

Sis curi-curi tangkap gambar saya.

At night, we had BBQ. *yummy*


On the second day, rain heavily. Before the camp end, all of us get a little gift.

This is one of the gift. Cute turtle keychains.

Bye bye~


I'm going to enjoy the weenkend with bunch of friends and dear. I wish all of you will have a blast weekend too.

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  1. Wow, nice beach over there! Long time didnt go to beach lor, miss the seaside...

  2. wow.... so nice leh... wat a wonderful trip....

    where is my souvenir leh??

    about chererating... i went there before... it is really nice place....

    why u and ur dear not together for one year?

  3. i went cherating last week also!!! but i went on tuesday and back on thursday~ :)

  4. forget to said, i love the beach too!

  5. Akira, Ya! It's soooo windy.. ^^

    Deejay, Yeah! A nice trip with family. My bf will go to UK soon. Sob! So he will be leaving me soon~~ =(

    Bear Lim, Great that you like beach too... :D

  6. wah..!! cherating look so nice oo.>!!
    have chance must go.... :D


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