I will miss you

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

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3 years memory, I will always remember. No matter great or bad memory, it is still part of our love story. In 3 years time, our love getting firm. We had go through many up and down, arguement, sadness and happiness. Still, we are the one. There are long way to go. I wish we can go through it and overcome with it, TOGETHER.

What is YW[S]LM stand for?
It is the combination of our name.
There is a sweet memory about our name.
One day u told me :"Yong Won't Stop Loving Min"
How sweet~

Soon, you gonna leave to UK. Be frank, I'm scare to be alone. But I promise you, I will be a tough girl. Let's our love continue growing although we apart from each other. Do your best in your study. I'm here waiting you~

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  1. Try not to think so much ya! Everything is going to be fine...

  2. arr~so sweet~~
    the design is great too.

  3. Akira, Haha~~ Again, wanna say thanks so much~~~~ ^^

    Dear you, =)

    Bear Lim, *grin* Thx~

  4. fight anything for love, my friend=)

  5. Distance is not a problem~

    Cheer up girl!

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  8. dun so unhappy...
    i believe u n ur dear will miss each other...
    he just go for study... sure will back and together with u...
    u have to trust him...
    some more technology is very advance... u wont feel lonely with out him... u both still can keep in touch....

  9. This is so sweet*
    Hv faith in your relationship


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