Little surprise

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Yesterday, my stomoch was cramp. So I took MC-no working. The day before, dear told me there is a little surprise for me on Monday.

The surprise is he bought a perfume for me.

It is Magnifique from Lancome. This is the second time he bought perfume for me. The first one also Lancome. Thanks a lot dear. I just love the packaging of the perfume although it is just a simple design. I never buy perfume for myself (too expensive). The 1st perfume in my life was given by him! A little surprise and gift by him before he leave.

My mood is kinda down now. I at office now, but my mind keep on playing with me. I just can't really concentrate. Feeling wanna cry. I know all of you concern about me! I'm ok, no worries. I will still sad and cry if u ask me neither don't sad nor cry.

I promsie to myself >>> I wanna be a tough girl!!! Learn to be strong! I wanna thanks to my friend who willing chat with my on msn and be with me when I am down. THANKS!!!!

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  1. Be a tough girl ya! I believe you can do it!!!

  2. CheerUp.
    I also damn 7 emo ><
    I can do it, you also can do it
    2morow will be a better day =)

  3. your dear is so sweet :)
    be strong, i know you can do it :)

  4. I tried this before.. Nice and lovely scent.. stay strong ya!!

  5. Akira, I will do my very very best~ Thanks...

    Choy Yin, Thx sweetie~~~

    Jeromefo, Thx thx~ I hope you will getting better soon~ Cheer up too (as u told me) ^^

    Bear Lim, Yes. I feel sweet.. hehe~~~

    Beverly, Roger~! There r so many people care of me. I promise to be strong!!!

  6. Be tough... Be tough.....
    Call me everyday ~~~~

  7. Dear you, I will be tough for sure~~ You call me!!!! :D

  8. cheers... u can do it..
    be strong... be tough...
    support support u...


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