Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'd abandon my blog for some time. So, here I post the second post on the same day. Do you know that there is a Fireworks Competition held at Putrajaya last few weeks ago? I didn't know about this until my friends post all the fireworks photos on their blog.

This year was the second year. Last year, I went too. The fireworks was so amazed. Luckilly, I still have the chance to see the grand final of the fireworks competition which from Australia team. I was very nervous because I gonna take the photo of the fireworks with my Canon PowerShot G9.

Last year, I taken with compact digital camera. The outcome was >>> BLUR! So, let's see how is the different taken with Canon G9. *P/S: There are too many smoke*

Still.... The Gang!

I hope you will like the photos.
For sure, I face some problem while shooting fireworks. I'm using manual (M) mode. So I keep on adjust between shutter speed and aperture. Well!!! I still not get use with it. There is a fireworks mode in my camera. So I choose it. Better than I keep on change between shutter speed and aperture.

We were enjoyed!

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  1. Wow, the fireworks are awesome!!! So beautiful!!!

  2. Wawww.....i dunno whether is that ur shooting nice or the fireworks nice??


  3. Fireworks... Temporary yet splendid...

  4. Akira, Ya, really nice! ^^

    Mathan, Thx! ^^

    Lulu, Haha!!! BOth?!!? :D Thx ya~~

    Undoboy, Beverly?

  5. Nice photos. It looks great and "artistic ". Quite a number of bloggers blog about the fireworks things...

  6. 可惜我没有去拍这队冠军队伍。。。 真的很美下。。。

  7. great set of fireworks !!!!!!!


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