Sushi Zanmai @ Pyramid

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Last 2 weeks was a tough period for me. Anyway, I'm quite OK right now. Thanks to all my friends who concern and care about me. I hope I will really alright on the coming Tuesday night and the following year.

This few days, keep on do the checklisting for dear. Hope there is nothing left. Packing is not an easy task. You get to do a check list so that everything is bring together with you. See!!! There are so many things have to bring. His luggage is so heavy!!!!


I went a lot of outing with dear and together with his friends. On the last 2 weeks++, we went to Sushi Zanmai with his gang. Heard that lotsa people commended that the foods there are delicious. I tried, not bad.

I it!!!

Green Tea Ice-Cream with Cornflakes.
I like the taste. It is a great combination with cornflakes.

I love macro shoot.

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  1. wow.....u reallt so good to ur hubby. The foods at sushi zanmai look so delicious, must go & try out one day! thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, u are so damn good!!! Hehe...

    One day I will go sushi zanmai! Never try before yet... ^^

  3. looks so so so yummy....

    and i love the macro shoot as well!!

  4. ksteeng1122, Akira, Thx!!!! ^^

    Lulu, Yummy!! Yummy!!! Yummy!!! Tee Hee~~~


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