When I'm with you

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Silly us dinner at Naili's Place @ Sentul.
The day & night before you went to UK.

This post is dedicate to my beloved dear.

When I’m with you

What good’s a memory
Without you there with me

The morning sun ain’t the same

Without you here
You are the summer breeze
The wind blowing through the trees
You make the loneliness

All just disappear

Nothing replaces your touch
Never stop believing in us

They try to break us
But we stand strong in love
They’ll be no distance too far

I gotta be where you are

(right where you are)

I don’t wanna face this world alone
Without you by my side
You’re the only one

That makes it feel like home

And I need you in my life

When you’re not around
I’m feeling
like a piece of me is missing
When it feels like the day is closing in
Somehow I find the faith
to make it through

What’s a photograph
If you’re not in the other half

Why even dream

If I’m not dreaming of you

You make me a better man
Promise I’ll do all I can

Your love keeps me bringing me
Closer to the truth

When I'm with you is a song that sing by Westlife.
I like the lyric, it seem like wrote about my thought.

I know you're busying over there,
so dare not keep on sms you.
Take care.

I miss you

p/s: I dare not silent my hp, coz I scare when you call me I didn't realize. Still, I will answer your call although I'm sleeping but i know you won't call me when I am sleeping.

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  1. Hehe, for sure, definitely, he will miss you too!

  2. :)be tough!

    I m sure he is always with u too!

  3. Lovely lyrics...
    Long time didn't listen to
    Westlife's songs...

  4. I guess I don't have to comment much... We both have better understanding on long distance relationship..

    Support you always :)

  5. Akira, Ya, I know. Thx...

    Lulu, Thx a lot my beloved senior.. I will be tough////

    Jeromefo, I love Westlife songs soooooooooooooo much.....

    Beverly, Ya, I know. and thx for the chatting day at msn and of coz thx for the advise & comment. I can handle it well...

    Thx Bev,..


  6. don't worry, he will always be there for you ^^

  7. hahahaha, time flies, soon you guys will be together again =p all the best

  8. Thx to all my friends who so care bout me!!!! I really appreciate!!!

    I'm really alright now.. Getting better the days without him!!! I'm gonna be tough as I'd promised! ^^


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