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Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm so sorry for the lack of update for my blog.

Ya, been kinda moody for the pass 10 days.
But now I'm alright.
I'm gonna update a little bit here so that all of you know that I'm still alive. lolz...

My emotional is getting better.
I'm so touch and thanks to all my friends who so care bout me and love me.

Well, some of friends even said:
"It's party time, you should got out to have fun with your friends."
Haha~ I know, I know..
But still I need some time to get use with it and NOW, I'm really fine.
You can date me anytime out as long as I'm free. Tee Hee~

Last few days was Raya Holidays.
I got 5 days holiday until today.
So I went back to Kuantan on Wednesday morning and just back to KL last night.

Most of my friends also back to Kuantan,
so I able to meet some of them.
This time, I meet with friends who long time didn't meet.

Time pass so fast, all of us change,
no more schooling life, start working journey,
but our friendship never change.
I'm thank God for this.

After 11 days,
I'm able to video call with my love one.

He just woke up and I just back to KL from Kuantan.

Looks like South Park huh? or the killer? Hehe~
He said the weather there is very cold. It's only 5 degree celsius when I'm skype-ing with him.

Day and night! 7 hours different.

After 5 days holidays,
Tomorrow is time to back to my position again!
I'm sure tomorrow will be load of works to do.

p/s: I will try to update my blog asap since my mood is getting better.

Happy weekend!!!!

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  1. Wow, have a video call with him, that's so nice!!!

  2. Akira, Yaya! ^^

    Jeromefo, ^^ Cute cute~!!

  3. I'm glad that you are finally feeling better :) You both looked cute in webcam... Guess what, perhaps you should ask your bf to start blogging too :p

  4. Beverly, Thx.. Ask him start blogging? I don't think he will do so. Haha~ =D

  5. finally... u both can communicate...
    so u dun so unhappy....


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