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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Actually this is a rojak random post. Just wanna share with all of you what I'd do in my life lately. Last Saturday, went to uni to take jubah, hood and mortar. Beside that, I get some gift from uni.

I got all this from my uni.
There are notebook, car sticker, pin, gretting card, poster card, CIMB portable mini tools etc..

***Invitation card***

Sadly, everyone only have 2 invitation cards. I wish there are 2 more invitation cards, so that my bf's parents can enter to the hall too.


Today, I went to uni for convo's rehearsal. Meet many friends and coursemate. Beside that, I get some gift from a friend who back from Taiwan. He is currently working at Taiwan but always fly between Malaysia and Taiwan. He is the only Chinese guy in our class.
*** Thanks Hii ***

Wonder what is this?

Ta Da~~~~ It's kind of egg.
Don't judge it by the outlook. It is very yummy.

Cookies from Hii too.
Bought all the way from Taiwan back to Malaysia. *touching*


I went to Sushi King with my coursemate. Today is the last day of RM2 promotion. We're so enjoyed. I will blog about it soon.

A premium gift set from Sushi King after I renew my membership card.
I it. It's so cute.



I went to Popular book store and I found this.

***Steamed Cake Recipe Book***

I love to bake cake. Unfortunately, I don't have oven at KL. BUT!!!! Fortunately, I found this recipe book in bookstore. So, next time I can bake steamed cake with wok. I bet it will be fun. For sure, I will share the outcome with all of you.

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  1. Wulala, can I try one of these too? ^^

  2. My dear dear didnt get the postcard...maybe he went on Sunday, it is not longer available...:P

    But Sunday is totally no crowd~

  3. Lulu,
    Oh? I went on Saturday, the 1st day... Sooooo many ppl and pack like sardine.. I's made a wrong decision. I thought Sat will not that many ppl.. SIgh...


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