The Meet Up

Thursday, October 09, 2008

After dear leave to UK, I didn't go out at night after work. Just stay at home and be the lonely girl. LOL!

Until last few days, erm..... Ya! It's Tuesday. I get a message from a friend who ask me wanna meet up on Wednesday night? At first, I want to reject because I was so tired in the last few days. But then I said ok because it's hard to meet up with her unless she come to KL.

Guess who?
It's vN- the girl.

We meet up at Mid Valley.
Then we decided to have dinner at Co Do, Vietnamese Restaurant that serve kinds of Vietnamese Dim Sum.

Co Do Vietnamese Restaurant @ 3rd floor, Mid Valley.

Little decoration at the entrance.

Interior of Co Do.
We sat another side.

Took it above when we leave.

The foods wasn't disappointed us. We ordered set for 2 which have 2 main course and some side dish which cost only RM35. Ohya! The set comes with 2 drinks too.

One of the main course.
Vietnamese style beef mee.

Main course - a very simple fried rice.

... and here is the side dish.

Popiah Vietnam?
Not bad.

Nothing special about this. Taste normal.

This is quite special and taste good.
There are mango and crab meat.

Brinjol "bakar"?!!??
It's really bakar. LOL!!!

All in small portion and it is more than enough for 2 person.

vN said she wanna have cheese cake after dinner. I knew it. She wanna have cheese cake at Coffee Bean. So, after dinner, we headed to Coffee Bean at Jaya 33. There, I meet up with Wai Seng too.

Next time I wanna try this. It's yummylicious.
I like the taste of the lemon.
Lemon lemon lemon.......

3 layer cheesecake.
Taste not bad too but I still prefer the first one.

Blueberry Cheese Cake.
Don't ever try this, not delicious at all!!!!
Don't have the cheeeeeeesy taste pun.

That's Wai Seng.

We can't miss the chance to take photo together for the first meet up.
"Miss vN, when we can meet again?"

I had a great night with great dinner, friends and chit-chatting.

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  1. I had never tried any cheese cake in coffee bean before... Only secret recipe! And ya, dun try for baskin robin cake. yucks!!

    too bad ktn dun have any coffee bean

  2. Wow, a nice meet up with them! Wai Seng is good in photography!!!

  3. Aiks, my face kena block. LOL Nice meeting u yvonne :)

  4. Choy Yin,
    This is my 1st time tried their cheese cake. Thx to Miss vN. Haha... But the 1st cheesse cake is nice. Ktn only have Starbucks. =)

    Yaya... It's a great meeting...

    Wai Seng,
    LOL... It's ok la... The look when you talking photo ma...=)

  5. Since when Midvalley got this
    Vietnamese Restaurant ?
    I only knew that Cinema floor got
    1 Vietnamese Restaurant.

  6. JeromeFo,
    U mean Little Vietnam? This is another Vietnamese restaurant which is at top of the Little Vietnam... =)

  7. i like the Vietnam food a lot la~!!

  8. good to go out...
    dun always stay at home..
    must go out meet fren....

  9. Vincent,
    Then u must go to this place to have a try lo~ =)

    haha!!!! I'm ok... Ya, go out with friends then who think so much! ^^


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