My Convocation

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At last, I'm officially graduate. My convocation was held on the 21st of October which is Tuesday. Ya, is working day. Unfortunately, most of my friends can't attend so I didn't tell them when is my convocation. Am I a good friend? Ehhe.. So, only my dearest family and uncle aunt attended. How sad that my dear can't attend too.

It was a rainny day. Sigh... We sat in the hall for 3 and half hours. After came out from the hall, my make up gone. Almost in all the photos, I look so tired and obviously, dary eye circle betray me. But I'm still happy and feel glad coz my family is with me.

People mountain people sea.

I'm officially graduate with the blessings from family and friends.

Dearest Family.

Papa & Mama

Forever lovely sisters.

Uncle & Aunt.
Thanks for coming.

Lovely grandma who take care of me when I'm a baby girl.
Thanks grandma for all these year so love me & sayang me.

Fadil who will further his Master in design soon.

Hii who currently working at Taiwan.

Ming Zhu who is in 4th year of Chemical Enginner.

Stephanie, me & Jia Hui

Nic, Hii & me.

with malay coursemates.

How sweet and I'm so blessed to have both of you as my sister.

Sister graduate too??


*....and lovely*

Ahha.. Daddy graduate too!!!

Lovely grandma.. (◕‿◕✿)

Little cute bear from my dear before he went to UK.
He promised will take graduate photo with me after he back. Of coz I feeling happy but that will be 1 year later.

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