Saturday, October 11, 2008

Early in the morning, went to UPM (my uni) to meet my friend and doing all the stuff for coming convo. My leg was jaded cause of this!!!! Keep on line up and wait wait wait!!!! I arrived at 10.30am, and finished everything at 3.30pm!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 hours!! Those malay were soooooo great at their "slow motion" la. Thought can finish everything around 12pm. Sigh! Time wasted!!!!

But I feel so great cause I meet with a coursemate. After finished everything, we went to Pyramid hunt for foods and update everything about ourself. Well! I will talk about this on the next post (maybe).

So, back to the NINJA!!!! What is in your mind when I talk about Ninja? Foods?!!!???
NO WAY!!!!!??
Don't believe me?
Ninja serve me with the great foods.

Yeap!! Obviously, this post is about food again.

It was 23rd September. Yaya, my memory is good!!!!!
23rd Sept is a very special day for me.
23rd Sept - daddy and mummy's anniversary;
23rd Sept - one of my coursemate and cousin sister's birthday;
23rd Sept ...... The day he leave me..... to UK.

This is our last meal of the year. Ehhe~ We had lunch at Ninja Jones which located at the North Court @ Mid Valley. It is a very special Japanese Restaurant. The exterior and interior looks great.

It's the entrance of Ninja Jones.

When the door is open. Seem mistery huh?

I love the blue stone. Can I have it? =)

I gonna show you the interior of Ninja Jones.

So, what do you think about the interior? This restaurant is quite big and I feel regreat that I didn't go to their washroom. I heard that their washroom seem not bad.

Actually, the foods is quite pricey. So, we'd ordered the cheapest one. Haha...


This 2 set taste normal and nothing special.

Meat ball.
This is yummylicious. I it.

Feel satisfice with the foods?

After that, we were crazy with the sword which hang on the wall.

So playful!!!

I'm a playful girl too. Influenced by him!

"Dare you bully me!!???!!!"

Before we leave, took a picture with the ninja aka waiter.
Oh ya! Ninja will serve the foods. COOL huh?

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  1. Woohoo, you went to Ninja there! I went to there before too! Hehe... A nice place indeed!!!


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