Pasta de Gohan @ Pyramid

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Yesterday I went to uni. After busy more than half day, me and Nic decided to have our first meal of the day (dinner) at Sunway Pyramid. When we arrived Pyramid, we were attracted by this.

All are fake one, just for display.

So, we decided to have our dinner at here.

Pasta de Gohan.
It's a Japanese casual pasta.

There are many kinds of pasta and pizza too.

Simple interior.

Nic ordered this but I don't really like it because it's dry and tastless.

I'd ordered half-half pasta set. I think is worth because I can try 2 different kinds of pasta at the same time. Don't worry, the pasta is in mini size one. For me, is not really mini but I still can finish it all since I didn't eat anything for the whole day.

Everything is going green.
So we must eat more vegetable.

Cheesy corn soup.
It's tasty. *yummy yummy*

***Neapolitan Pasta***
It taste almost same with the Bolognese Pasta.

***Cabonara Waraku Pasta***
This is yummy, I like this.

I will go to visit this pasta shop again in advance and if possible, I wanna try all the pasta there.

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  1. Beh dong lor, I wanna eat too! I'm demanding one plate!!! Hehe...

  2. hahaha... my homemade pasta is better

  3. lcfu,
    Really? Heheee~~~ ^^ That's great..

  4. Nice food~

    Y no any photos of u and Nic? Can wait to c ur photos...

  5. Lulu,
    haha... coz we didn't capture any... She said looking bad, and I agree too coz whole day at UPM so bz, so dun wanna show our tired look. hehe


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